• living-with-castelli-cycling-SS16-TW
    Living with Castelli SS16 - Tim Wiggins - The Castelli Mondiale Shorts and Castelli RS Superleggera Jersey - 'A Perfect Pairing'
    01 Jul 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    When it comes to riding endurance miles, clothing is key to comfort. The right bib shorts and jersey, make a monumental difference to how far and how fast you can ride. This summer, the Castelli Mondiale Shorts and RS Superleggera Jersey have delivered mile-upon-mile of classic comfort for me. They are quite possibly 'A Perfect Pairing'...
  • staff-review
    30 Jun 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    In this post, staff team rider and tester Tim Wiggins looks at the new tubeless-specific Schwalbe G-One tyres; designed for gravel, Tim has been testing these for the last few months...
  • staff-review
    Staff Review: Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle
    29 Jun 2016 / Daniel Oakshott
    In this blog review, staff rider Dan gives his opinion and insight into the beautiful new Cambium C17 saddle from Brooks England… Intro I 'umm-ed and ahh-ed' a lot about which saddle to go for on my Felt 'do-everything' adventure road bike; knowing that a lovely old leather Brooks England saddle would look hideously out of...
  • living-with-castelli-cycling-SS16-NT
    Living with Castelli Cycling - The New Mondiale Shorts - Neil Towns
    27 Jun 2016 / Neil Towns
    In this short blog post, Neil gives us his first-impressions feedback on the NEW Mondiale shorts from Castelli Cycling!
  • staff-review
    Staff Review - Novatec CXD Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset
    24 Jun 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    A set of cyclocross wheels, or disc-specific road wheels, will likely go through a lot in their lifetime. Mud, wet roads, rocks, and constant bike washing; it will take their toll on any set of hoops. So, when you find a good pair of robust and durable wheels, like the Novatec CXD Disc Brake Wheelset , then they are worth shouting about... The...
  • living-with
    'Living with Isadore Apparel' - SS16 - Part 1
    23 Jun 2016 / Daniel Oakshott
    This year, staff rider Daniel Oakshott is 'Living with Isadore Apparel'. Throughout the season, he'll be reporting back on his testing of the unique brand, established by the professional cyclists, the Velits brothers. About me Being a part of the Cycle Soft Goods team at Wiggle, means I often get to be one of the first people to hear...
  • staff-review
    Staff Review: Hutchinson Toro Tyres
    23 Jun 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    Last month, I made one of my best bike set-up decisions to date… ahead of a week of training and racing in the Italian Dolomites, I switched out my standard set of summer XC tyres, on my hardtail mountain bike; replacing them with a set of Hutchinson Toro tyres . It was a stroke of (perhaps inadvertent) genius. All-weather performance and...
  • behind-the-brand
    Behind the brand - GripGrab
    23 Jun 2016 / Tim Wiggins
    Some brands produce everything: from bikes to helmets, and shoes to seat-posts. Some brands specialise: concentrating their efforts on a small selection of products, and constantly innovating, developing and refining their offering. The Danish brand GripGrab are the latter; producing some of the best cycling accessories the industry has ever seen...
  • living-with
    Living with Sportful - Kerry Thackaberry - First Impressions
    21 Jun 2016
    This year, Kerry Thackaberry is 'Living with Sportful' - she'll be reviewing the range of womens specific riding apparel, right here on the Wiggle blog. Here are her first impressions...
  • staff-bike-check
    Staff Bike Check: Neil Towns' Eastway Emitter R0 - with SRAM eTAP!
    09 Jun 2016 / Neil Towns
    We all like a bit of bike porn, and this is some serious stuff! Meet Neil Towns' Team Wiggle Eastway Emitter R0, fitted with SRAM Red eTAP!