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cyclist, bike, bridge, scenery

Lex Spedding’s breathtaking ‘cycletography’ is beginning to turn heads on social media.

The Norfolk-based family man regularly puts the brakes on commutes and weekend rides to capture stunning scenery and memorable moments.

And now the dhb ambassador has relived the past 12 months in the saddle to share his favourite photographs from 2019.

Lex revealed: “Most shots taken on my commute are spur-of-the-moment. I see a spot that might make a good shot, so I take it.

“I use my mobile phone or my GoPro on short rides, so it can be quite quick. But I do sometimes get carried away and a seven or eight-mile commute can take an hour or so!”

Find out more about Lex on his new website and follow him on Instagram @lexsped

Lex can be seen in his images wearing a range of dhb clothing and accessories, including the Aeron FLT Roubaix Bib Tight the fluro yellow version of the Aeron Rain Defence Polartec Jacket.

cyclist, autumn, forest, leaves

bike, autumn, forest, leaves

autumn, golden, leaves, forest, sunshine

cyclist, bike, bridge, steel, wood, graffiti

bike, grass, woodland

cyclist, bike, forest, leaves, woodland

runner, sunlight, woodland, leaves, autumn

cyclist, gate, scenery

cyclist, bike, underpass, light, graffiti

cyclist, scenery, fields, road, countryside, drone

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