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Sunset over the waters of Portsmouth

2015 is shaping up to be a memorable year

Well what a year this is shaping up to be! A little bored of the humdrum of sportives and park runs I decided this would be a year for the big challenges. Pushing a few boundaries and really getting out there and soaking up a bit of the unknown. The most exciting challenge for me is going to be Loch gu Loch ( this coming September.

Comprising of 8km of swimming (13 swims) starting with a 2km stretch across Loch Ness and 53Km of running (over 12 legs) all in one go I’ll be running in my wetsuit and swimming in my off road shoes! This event is done in a team of two, so I’ve roped in fellow Wiggler Emma for this challenge. I’ve already got a sea swim the length of Portsmouth in the lovely Solent lined up for the end of March, so hoping with lots more training over the summer we’ll be in great shape for this super tough event. We’ll be packing an action camera for this event to get some great footage for the event review and social media, look out for further updates on this in the future as the training ramps up!

The lovely waters of Portsmouth

However, coming up first is Brighton Marathon. Despite being involved in multiple sports for well over a decade (makes me sound old!) ranging from competitive rowing to triathlons I’ve never actually run a marathon before! With just over four weeks to go (at the time of writing!) things are going well. I’ve done the majority of my training off road. With leg busting hills and beautiful forests like the below it’s no surprise I’ve been avoiding the concrete wherever I can. Sadly not on the 10 mile runs to work I’ve been doing to stay on top of the weekend long runs. If I can get around 22 miles with well over 2,000ft of climbing then hopefully the flat roads of Brighton should be welcoming!

Sunset over the waters of Portsmouth

The local running woods!

The other big challenge so far in the diary is the trip to Snowdon on the CX bike with a few colleagues. We’re going to ride there from Portsmouth, then up to the top and back down again! Much more on this to follow.

Other than that, not really much to add. General training is going well, swimming in the pool (can’t wait to get back in the open water!), riding and running at the weekends!

Photo of an off-road path going through a bare woodland area near Portsmouth

In the swimming Kit Bag, trusty Speedo Jammers, the excellent FastSkin goggles and the new dhb swim caps (coming soon!)

Ben's Speedo Jammers, FastSkin goggles and dhb swim cap

Lastly from me, below is my current ‘challenge’ race calendar. Looking to squeeze a few more in the gaps as we start heading towards summer! Suggestions welcome!

  • April – Brighton Marathon.
  • June – Windsor Triathlon 25th Anniversary.
  • June – South Downs Marathon.
  • August – Cycle from Portsmouth to Snowdon, then up and down Snowdon up the CX bike.
  • September – Loch gu Loch.
  • October – The OMM.

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