That bite in the air is here and outdoor training might be feeling more like a punishment than the stress-relieving and rewarding effort it used to be. There are lots of different types of indoor training you can do to get away from the cold and dark days, but Speedo recommends you go swimming.

Why? Because we love swimming (obviously), but also because we believe that whatever your sport, you can find a significant benefit from training in the pool. Swimming offers a low impact, full-body workout that tones muscles and helps you relax, lose weight, get fit and improve your mood.

With limited daylight hours, we appreciate that motivation can be a challenge in the winter. Swimming is great whatever the weather. You know you'll be in an indoor, heated pool so there are no excuses. 

If you need any extra motivation, here's how Speedo think swimming will help you to get the best out of your indoor training.

Set a target or goal

Having something to work towards will motivate you to train and not be lured towards that hot chocolate and fleecy throw in your living room. Sign up to a race or compete against friends – nothing gets you motivated like peer pressure. 

Create session plans

Create a more effective workout by putting a plan together before you hit the pool. For example, if you want to improve your efficiency you could try the drills in this blog.

Start early

Daylight hours are shorter so try doing your workouts first thing in the morning. A swim will wake you up and refresh you for the day ahead and also helps kick-your metabolism so you'll still be burning more calories by the time you reach your desk. 

Try joining an early-bird swim club if you miss the social aspect of exercise.

Enjoy time with yourself

One of the biggest benefits of swimming is you can’t use your phone. That allows you to properly switch off from the noise and focus, in turn helping you to clear your mind and check in with yourself.

Regular swimming can reduce stress, improve your mood, lower anxiety and combat depression, whatever your fitness level or ability, so whatever you do make sure you enjoy it!

Disclaimer - Always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program or exercise program. The exercise suggestions are not intended to substitute for proper medical advice.

**Words and images by Speedo***

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