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Everyone has their own motivation for putting themselves through an obstacle race. At Judgement Day, our experience has taught us that there are as many reasons as runners. A full-on 12km race gives entrants the chance to push themselves to their physical and mental limit, while a 6km event offers an ideal way into the sport. The 2016 OCR calendar is already looking pretty full, with events scheduled right across the country. If you’re toying with the idea of entering one, here are five reasons you should:   

1. It’s a whole lot of fun

An obstacle race offers something for everyone. Most combine a bit trail running and a variety of man-made and natural obstacles. Runners face all kinds of challenges during the race. They have to climb up and over obstacles and wade through muddy water. It’s like a trail run turned up to 11.

2. To improve your all-round fitness

The problem with working out regularly is that it can soon become routine. This brings with it the temptation to coast through training sessions, without ever really improving fitness. Like signing up to an endurance cycling event, doing an OCR gives you a clear focus during your training – and reason to go the extra mile or finish that last set.

3. For the crossover benefits

An obstacle race almost always involves hill running, load carries and climbing. To overcome these challenges, runners need to be in pretty good shape. The training required for this kind of event is going to improve both cardiovascular endurance and body strength, both upper and lower body. The effect of this will almost certainly have crossover benefits for other sports, whether running, swimming or cycling.

4. To see new places

Like trail runs and triathlons, obstacle races give runners the chance to run and compete in parkland, dense woods and hilly terrain. Set against backdrops such as the South Downs National Park, an obstacle race lets runners explore some pretty stunning scenery, bits of which may be incorporated into the race as natural obstacles.

5. And meet new people

Judgement Day events and other obstacle course races are generally chip-timed and competitive. But that’s not what OCR is all about. First and foremost, the events are about community and camaraderie. You’ll have the chance to meet like-minded people and make lots of new friends. This sense of community is reinforced by the collective sense of achievement as you cross the finish line together.

Are you thinking of entering an OCR in 2016? Visit our Judgement Day events page to learn more.