If you've got a cyclist to buy for this Christmas, you'll probably know that they can be a difficult bunch to buy for. We've put together a list of some of our favourite gifts to inspire you. Thoughtful ideas, all under £15 and specially selected for their usefulness as well as style.

Ratio Dash 20 cm Sock

It's not Christmas without socks, right?

For cyclists, socks can make or break an outfit. According to Velomiati Rule #27, 'Shorts and socks should be like Goldilocks - not too long and not too short.' It's so serious that the UCI has rules around sock length.

Thankfully, Rule #28 makes the provision that 'Socks can be any damn colour you like.' Phew.

We think 20cm is just about right and the razzle-camo-inspired print on these Ratio Dash 20 cm Sock will make a statement. In fact, they could potentially boost performance, injecting a bit of entirely legal #SockDoping into your favorite cyclist's preparation.

With support and ventilation in key areas, the Ratio Dash 20 cm Sock will also keep their feet feeling fresh and comfortable on every ride.

dhb Windslam Neck Tube

It's cold out there. Protect your beloved cyclist from the elements by slipping one of these in their stocking.

This neck tube will stop the chills getting in even on the coldest descents. There's a mesh panel at the front so it can even be used to keep their face warm whilst still allowing them to breathe. If they wear glasses, they'll also be thankful that they can cover their face without fogging up as moisture is free to pass through the mesh instead of up to their specs.

The luxuriously soft weave feels beautiful against the skin thanks to a fleece backing. There's enough stretch that it still feels nice and snug but will fit most head sizes. 

Castelli Retro 3 Cap

La Casquette. The essential accessory to complete the classic cyclist look.

As well as adding panache to any ensemble, the cycling cap is practical in any weather. Worn under a helmet, in the winter it keeps out draughts. Flip the peak down to provide instant shelter from the rain (for your face at least). In the summer it keeps bugs out of your hair and the sun out of your eyes. Run it under the tap for instant cooling if it's hot.

Add the Castelli Retro 3 Cap to your cyclist's stocking for instant cool points. Founded in the heart of Milan in 1876, Castelli is instantly recognisable to cyclists and has a long history intwined with professional cycling, right back to the kit worn by the great Alfredo Binda in the 1920s. 

The red scorpion logo simply exudes cycling cool. Enough said. 

Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream

They might not like to talk about it, but the cyclist in your life would secretly appreciate a little bit of luxury care for their sensitive bits from time to time. 

Saddle sores are a painful and entirely unglamorous part of cycling life. They're commonly caused by chafing and irritation and are often made worse by bacteria.

A good Chamois Cream will help to prevent saddle sores by inhibiting or killing bacteria and acting as a lubricant to minimise chafing. 

The Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream does all of this and provides deep moisturisation, thanks to the added natural ingredients including added aloe vera, witch hazel, shea butter, and sunflower oil. 

If your beloved cyclist competes, you can rest assured that Muc-Off do not use any ingredients that are prohibited by WADA which means that there are no hidden banned substances that could result in disqualification.

Ass Saver

Still in the category of protection for the derriere, the Ass Saver is an indispensable bit of kit. This flappy bit of plastic might not look like much but it might just become your cyclist's new best friend. Especially if they don't want to ruin the aesthetic of their beloved steed with a permanent mudguard. 

Weighing in at only 19 grammes, it is easy to keep on-hand for a rainy day. When the heavens open, it simply locks into place under the saddle and protects your beloved cyclist's bottom from any mud and dirt splashes whipped up by their rear wheel. 

Now in its fourth iteration, the Ass Saver seems to just keep getting better. The latest revisions to the design mean it's easier than ever to install, even with a saddle bag. So the only thing to worry about is which colour? There's four to choose from! 

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