There are some moments in life that make you stop in your tracks. Where time stands still, and everything is perfect. It’s these moments that newly launched technical outdoor brand, Föhn loves to celebrate.

Föhn make versatile, multi-sport kit for the adventurous, the opportunists and the trailblazers. Their clothing is rooted in technical performance and functionality, designed to keep you out there and comfortable, whatever the activity, terrain or conditions.

We caught up with Föhn Designer, Steph who told us five things you may not know about Föhn…

1. Föhn uses technical fabrics in all their clothing

Föhn is designed to offer high performance for a range of multi-sport activities. We choose fabrics specifically for their strengths, whether that be weather protection, breathability, insulation, weight or packability.

Each style has been developed to include the right high-quality technical fabrics that provide you with the features you need to take on your next adventure. We then tested everything to ensure they offered the benefits you need to make your experiences even better. We’ve partnered with some of the best technical suppliers in the industry, working hard to source fabrics that deliver high performance, quality and durability.

2. Föhn is powered by Polartec®

Polartec® are world leaders and pioneers in the production of cutting-edge performance fabrics. They develop innovative fabrics that are used in the most challenging environments around the world. By providing solutions to seemingly impossible problems, Polartec® then collaborate with the world’s leading brands to invent what doesn’t yet exist- but you soon learn you can’t live without.

We use Polartec® fabrics on key products across our range where we felt they offered the best option for the intended use of that product.

The Fohn Mountain Polartec Waterproof Jacket which is designed for trekking, walking and active outdoor use uses Polartec® NeoShell® - Polartec’s most breathable, waterproof and windproof fabric. This means you stay warm and dry, but you don’t overheat, however active you choose to be. The jacket is fully seam taped to keep it waterproof, but the Polartec® NeoShell® ensures it’s still breathable, something that isn’t always the case with waterproof shells. Polartec® NeoShell® also has the added bonus of offering some stretch, so you still get a comfortable full range of motion.

Our Fohn Polartec Power Shield Pro Hooded Softshell uses another Polartec® fabric, Polartec® Power Shield® Pro. This softshell fabric offers an unbeatable balance between breathability and weather protection, so you’ll be kept dry when pushing the pace, or caught in an unexpected shower.

The Fohn Polartec Thermal Pro Fleece uses Polartec® Thermal Pro® which is designed to lock in warmth but stay breathable when the intensity rises. This is a lightweight fleece jacket that's ideal for an activity where the intensity varies a lot, from valley floors to cold summits.

3. Föhn is a sustainable brand

Rooted in performance and high-quality fabrics, we believe once you’ve bought something from Föhn, you won’t need to replace it. All the fabrics we use are highly durable and built to withstand a trail-blazing lifestyle.

We are also committed to increasing our efforts at being sustainable. For our first season, our Fohn Trail Full Zip Fleece is made from recycled fabrics, and we only use down from audited ethical sources with RDS certification. This global industry standard makes sure it comes from birds who haven’t been force-fed, live-plucked or mistreated.

4. Föhn loves the outdoors

This might be quite an obvious one, but we think it’s important to mention - we love the outdoors and we’re a brand that’s been created and is fuelled by this passion.

Being surrounded by amazing landscapes, nature, exploring new places, dealing with the weather (good or bad), we believe that life is an adventure and we should make the most out of every moment; big or small.

By creating good kit that fits well, looks great, and is packed with all the features you need for an active lifestyle, we want to give our customers the ability to say ‘yes’ to adventure.

5. Föhn is a type of wind

Föhn (pronounced FOEHN) is a type of dry, warm, down-slope wind that occurs in the downwind side of a mountain range.

Föhn is the wind on your back, pushing you on to your next adventure.

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