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The dhb team are big advocates of the humble gilet. Here, dhb Marketing Manager, Kirsty outlines her 7 top reasons for why they are an indispensable part of her kit.


1. It helps you to face cold mornings

You know the ones - sun barely up, mist hanging around, and a chill in the air. You know it is going to get better, but leaving the house in just your jersey feels too challenging. In the summer, I reach for some arm warmers and my trusty gilet to add some warmth to my core. It also gives me some flexibility for the ride ahead. I soon warm up, and my gilet stops me making any excuses for getting out the door.


2. It reduces pre-ride 'faffing'

We are all familiar with the pre-ride faff. How cold is it? Is it supposed to rain? Apparently it is supposed to cloud over after lunch? This all leads to the ultimate agonising decision of "what to wear?"

If you love kit as much as I do, you are also probably guilty of having lots of choice (which is not the same thing as TOO MUCH choice). Taking my gilet along with me pretty much gives me a second outfit choice, should conditions change mid-ride.

If the wind picks up, it offers some protection to stop it cooling me down too much. If I get caught in an unexpected shower, it is a quick way to minimalise getting too wet. My gilet makes my outfit instantly more versatile, and it's no hassle to carry if I don't end up needing it.


3. It keeps you warm on coffee stops

Big rides require coffee. As a rest, as a reward, or just for the catch-up time. Grabbing my gilet when I start to cool down means I don't get too cold, making it easier to get back on the bike fuelled with coffee (and cake).


4. It offers great protection on descents

It feels great to work up a sweat making it to the top of a climb, but that can soon cause issues on the way back down. Pausing at the top to throw a gilet on (and maybe catch my breath…) ensures I stay comfortable, warm, and in control on the descent.


5. They offer protection without bulk

Sometimes a full jacket is a bit overkill. My gilet keeps the important bits warm and functioning, without adding unnecessary bulk. Which has the added bonus of meaning you can you can still see my awesome jersey. 


6. Relevant all year round

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, I will always find an occasion where my gilet is relevant. That could mean a pre-work blast around the lanes in the summer, an autumn sportive with changeable forecast, or a winter adventure, when all layers become important.


7. Lightweight and oh so packable

In fact, they are so packable, you can completely forget it's there. It is an excellent piece of kit to have 'just in case'. Which begs the question, why leave home without one?!


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Kirsty Smith
Published on: 24 Aug 2017

Kirsty is the Marketing Manager for dhb. She's a runner turned cyclist; trying her best to keep up with a team who are much better than her (for now!).