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There are a lot of shoes in the adidas running range and it can be hard to know which pair to invest in. We break down the details of each running shoe, explaining what features to look out for and ultimately helping you to decide which shoes are right for you.

Some are great over short distances, some are better for long distances, some are great for newbie runners whereas others are strictly for the more seasoned athletes. We take a deep dive into cushioning, plushness, durability and stability on each pair of shoes to give you an insight into which pair is best for the type of runner you are.


First up is the Supernova. This is an entry level shoe which provides maximum comfort especially around the heel area making them great for newbie runners who are racking up their commitment each week.

adidas supernova running shoe best for beginners


Next in the range is the Adistar running shoe. This shoe is great for those who have really stepped up their game and are starting to clock up the miles each week. They are built for longer distance runs but for also for slower paced runs. Ideal for those moving up to the half marathon and beyond distance for the first time. 

Ultraboost 22

The Ultraboost is the best of both - it provides lots of comfort with a very cushioned feel but is also very responsive, so over the shorter distances will be great match for those starting to pick up the pace and aim for specific times. 

adidas ultraboost running shoe


The Solarboost is the next step in the adidas range. These running shoes will be best suited to those who are starting to pick up their speed, working on speed sessions and aiming for a PB on race day.

adidas solarboost running shoe


We often get asked the difference between the Solarboost and Solarglide as they have a lot of similarities, but the Solarglide is classed as more of an everyday training shoe or recovery run shoe, rather than for faster training sessions. 

adidas solargliade running shoes

Adizero Adios 7

If you're a more advanced runner looking for a shoe to take you the distance, the Adizero Adios could be for you. It is the first in the range to feature Lightstrike Pro foam instead of Boost which is even more responsive and will feel quicker. 

adidas adizero adios 7 running shoes

Adizero Boston

The Boston is potentially the most versatile shoe on the whole list as it is genuinely a great all-rounder for intermediate to more pro runners. From 5k to marathon the Boston will give you the pace of a race day shoe at any distance. 

adidas adizero boston running shoe

Adizero Adios Pro 3

It's here in the list of shoes where things get a bit more serious. If you're speedy, claiming KOMS/QOMS left right and centre, running sub 2.5 hour marathons or at least working your way to it, the Adios Pro could help you on your journey. They are fast, lightweight, responsive and made for long distance.

adidas adizero adios pro running shoe

Adizero Prime X

We couldn't not include the Adizero Prime X, as it is by far the quickest shoe in adidas range. For the pros, it is not race legal because of the design but for the rest us, will give a real carbon plated helping hand. 

adidas adizero prime x running shoe

Why should you rotate your running shoes?

We've all heard that it's never a good idea to wear new shoes on race day but did you know that rotating two or three pairs of running shoes can really benefit your training and race day performance? It can also help you to eliminate injuries and potential muscle imbalances. Check out our video to learn more.

How to find your running gait

If you don't already know, we also recommend finding out about your running gait - whether you under or over pronate or are a neutral runner - as this may also help you decide on which shoes to get your feet into.

Check out our guide below or use the 'run shoe finder tool'.

How to find the best running shoes for your stride style

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