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adidas solar

As the days get shorter and dark nights draw closer, it’s essential to wear the correct clothing while out running, for both comfort and safety.

adidas Running apparel keeps you safe. Whether you’re on the road or trail, the 360° reflectivity makes sure you stand out to oncoming traffic. Because the confident runner doesn’t let darkness take over the schedule.

It’s all in the detail

Sometimes time isn’t on your side. Whether work starts early, or you’re working late again, a lot of people only get a chance to run during dark hours, especially during autumn and winter.

But this can be a problem. Every year, over 122,000 runners, walkers, and cyclists are hit by cars*. And many of these injuries could have been prevented through the correct clothing choice.

adidas running apparel’s reflective detailing reflects light back to the source, meaning you get the protection and visibility to give you the confidence to run any time of day, any day of the year.

Stay fresh, stay seen

adidas solar

Anyone with running gear knows that new kit doesn’t stay looking fresh for long. Luckily, adidas running apparel is as resilient as it is reflective.

So, if you’re out for a long run on a rainy Sunday, it’ll take more than muddy splashes from passing traffic to reduce your visibility. Just remember to scrub off the mud before your next run, and you’re good to go. Again and again.

Taking care of your reflective wear is the same as with your favourite wardrobe pieces: only wash when you need to, handwash if instructed, and always follow the label. Try washing on the ‘delicates’ setting when you do too, just to be extra safe and avoid any damage.

The new adidas Running Solar collection

adidas solar

From the adidas Supernova Tights, to the Rise Up N Run Jacket, you’ll get all-round reflectivity this September with the new adidas Running Solar collection. Plus, plenty of protection with water-repellent finishes, secure, sweatproof pockets, and breathable Clima technology.

Helping you stay cool, dry and seen on the roads in any weather – all year round.

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**Words courtesy of adidas. 

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