Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon

Amazing personal stories threaded through the crowd assembled for the fourth annual Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon last month, not least among the winners.

Partners Ben Connor and Lily Partridge won the respective men's and women's races, with Ben crossing the line with a time of 1:03:12 and Lily finishing at 1:13:45. 

Nearly 16,000 people signed-up for the race on Sunday 13 October, making it the city’s biggest ever half marathon. 

And just like the winning elites, the huge crowd was strewn with incredible stories, including many who had overcome personal battles to tackle the distance. 

Wiggle caught up with just a few of these inspirational competitors, including mum Dani Ferreira, the never-too-old-to-run Tom Smith, and father and daughter team Stephan and Chloe Couture. 

Highlights from the Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon

Stefan and Chloe's Story

Dani Ferreira's story

Tom Smith's story


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