I won’t lie. Winter is miserable.

After a five- or six-hour ride in the rain and wind (or even as short as 30 minutes some days) I often wonder how braving these elements on such a regular basis has had an impact on the look and feel of my skin. 

Like many people, I never used to be that concerned with skincare. However, since I've started to pay attention to my skincare routine, I've realized what a difference good product can make. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Most of my routine is in the shower and the rest takes just a few minutes but it always makes me feel fresher and ready to go.

Pre–ride: Use SPF no matter the weather

I always carry an SPF moisturiser.  It has been a life-saver on rides in harsh weather conditions, the kind of conditions that would normally have left my skin feeling dry, sore and flaky. 

The Lab Series Day Rescue Defense Lotion SPF35 has been a great addition for my kit. It’s in a small, handy tube that I can take on the go. I normally expect SPF creams to be thick but this feels light and refreshing on my skin.  It helps to moisturize my skin and helps the process of just feeling human again.

Post-ride: Less is more

A compact routine works for me, especially when I am on tour and in training.  I look for products that have more than one benefit as all I really want to do is to hop in the shower without messing around with too many products. 

Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash 100ml is perfect for washing all the daily grime off my face, especially riding around the Shropshire hills.  It also acts as an exfoliator that helps me to get a closer cleaner shave.

I find that having a beard helps keep my face a bit warmer in the winter. I have struggled with shaving my face for years but Lab Series The Grooming Oil is my go to product when I do decide to shave. Most of the time I use it just to trim and neaten my beard up. I find using this product along with the Day Rescue Defense Lotion SPF35  really works with my skin to calm any redness and sensitivity I used to experience after shaving.

Lab Series Pro LS All-In-One Shower Gel is another great multifunction product. The thick texture makes it easy to use. I always feel clean and fresh-smelling. It has an added bonus that it acts as a shaving gel so for those two times a week when I try and shave my legs without missing any bits, it’s perfect.

The little extras that make a big difference

Lab Series Age Rescue+ Eye Therapy was a new one for me this year. My wife kept telling me I had crow’s feet. Obviously, she was talking a foreign language to me. Google to the rescue! I wasn’t impressed by her comment so turned to the skincare experts at LAB SERIES who suggested this product. I think my wife steals it off me now and again as it always seems to run out quicker than I expect!