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The New Year is a time when a lot of us have a think about our fitness and health. Often this includes trying new activities – HIIT? Give it a go! That group class you’ve been putting off? Sign up! Run club? You’ve got nothing to lose! But is your existing kit fit for purpose?

We’d always advise that you select breathable, comfortable clothing and generally, your current active wear will suffice. But footwear is a different story; different activities will have you moving in different directions, they’ll place variable impact on your joints and they’ll take place on different surfaces. To have an optimal workout, you’ll need to get your footwear right.

We’ve taken a look at six of the most popular training activities around at the moment and asked the savvy folks at ASICS to pick the best shoe for the job!

Long runs – outdoors

For the neutral runner ASICS recommend this high mileage runner GEL-NIMBUS 17 and for over-pronators GEL-KAYANO 22 to for complete support on long runs.

 New year, new footwear

Fast runs – outdoors

Speed up your runs with a lightweight shoe ASICS suggest the GEL-HYPER SPEED 6 at 130grams and 6mm heel drop this racing flat will keep your training days at a fast pace or if you want a less minimalist shoe to pick up your pace try the GEL-DS TRAINER 21 to push past that marathon PB of 2:45.

 New year, new footwear

Treadmill sprints – indoors

For those treadmill runs consider the GEL-PULSE 7 forefoot and rear foot cushioning create softer landings getting you from landing to push off more efficiently.

Circuit training – indoors

Improve those indoor sprints with the GEL-SUPER J33 2 containing Fluid Axis technology that provides efficient push off.

 New year, new footwear

Obstacle races – outdoors

Tackle those obstacle runs head on in the GEL-FUJIRUNNEGADE designed with wet, muddy adventure runs in mind this shoe has a mud guard and is easy to wipe clean. The shoe also has a water release system to help keep your feet dry.

 New year, new footwear

Weight training – indoors

Try the GEL-ZARACA 4 this lightweight shoe will give you stability for your weight training sessions with its low profile and flex grooves.

 New year, new footwear

To view the full ASICS range, head over to the Wiggle site!