Some brands produce everything: from bikes to helmets, and shoes to seat-posts. Some brands specialise: concentrating their efforts on a small selection of products, and constantly innovating, developing and refining their offering.


The Danish brand GripGrab are the latter; producing some of the best cycling accessories the industry has ever seen. In this blog post we delve deeper into the brand…



Little things. Big difference…

Cycling gloves, overshoes, socks, warmers and headwear; these are the smaller items of kit within a typical cycling wardrobe; but, they are accessories that make a monumental difference to comfort levels whilst you ride.

Great quality cycling accessories, can make the difference between being too hot, or too cold; between being wet or dry; between being aerodynamic or 'flappy'; between being seen or not seen.

GripGrab has a clear objective; to produce riding accessories to the highest possible standard; enhancing your performance and comfort, as a result.



Heading 'behind the brand'

I've known the GripGrab brand from when it was in its infancy; a small start-up, producing some distinctly different kit from other cycle clothing brands. Their overshoes have kept my feet dry for the last five winters; their gloves have kept my hands warm through hundreds of miles of riding. I've worn a pair of GripGrab socks, on more days that I've slept in my own bed, in the last few years.

It occurred to me earlier this year though, that GripGrab has an incredible story to tell; and one that really helps explain the superb quality and durability of their products.

The GripGrab brand was founded by three Danish brothers; Martin, Kristian and Bjørn Krøyer. Kristian was the pioneer, who made the decision that the glove offering for cyclists and runners wasn't the best it could be; for comfort or performance. Kristian started developing new gloves in his spare time; trying new fabrics, fits and features; constantly testing and evolving the product.

Before long, it was clear Kristian was onto something. Everyone who tried a pair of GripGrab Sports Gloves was enthusiastic about the added comfort and performance that they offered. The brand grew further, developing the "Foot Glove" (a.k.a the overshoe), the "Head Glove" (a.k.a. the neck warmer), as well as a range of socks and warmers. Soon, the company had an offering of products that was enough to create a real brand. Martin joined the team to develop the commercial offering, and Bjørn came on-board to head up marketing. The GripGrab team was formed.





Constant development to remain ahead

GripGrab prides itself on producing products of an incredible quality level. I can honestly say they are the best gloves, socks and headwear that I have ever worn on a bike, and I have worn a few!

The team achieve this through never being complacent about their product offering. They know that they have a challenge, to compete with the big names in the industry; so they know that their product needs to be functionally better than anything else, in order to have a unique selling point. The result, is that Kristian never stops developing new ideas, new products, and utilising new fabrics; in a bid to be the best.

The development process is helped, no doubt, by the fact that all three brothers are keen cyclists and runners. Kristian and Martin are two of the best mountain bikers in Denmark; whilst Bjørn is a keen runner and cyclist, too. The brand also has an extensive ambassador scheme; where their 'Local Heroes', from all over the world, feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of that season's products, so GripGrab can develop the range for the next season.




Pro-level products

A further development aid comes in the form of GripGrab's sponsorship of the Lotto Soudal Pro Cycling Team. The Belgium racing team are supported with GripGrab gloves; and top riders, including Andre Griepel, have had huge amounts of input into product development over the last few years. The new GripGrab Aero TT Short Finger Gloves and GripGrab RaceAero TT Overshoes, are direct results of the collaboration.



Small business. Huge ambitions…

GripGrab is still a fairly small outfit, at least compared to some of the Italian and American giants within the cycling industry. They are a small business, but with big ambitions; and that has been demonstrated by their incredible growth over the last few years.

From a smart office unit, just outside Copenhagen, GripGrab are developing and building every day. There is a very distinct air of excitement, camaraderie and positivity within the building; and a passion for the sport goes into every stage of the product; from development to shipping.

The GripGrab brand has an inspiring story, and the enthusiasm of the team is undeniable. Whether it is in the office, out on their Friday morning ride, at their communal lunchtimes; or joining the team at a nearby 12 hour mountain bike race; passion is the common component.

Passion leads to great products; and it is seen in abundance in the GripGrab brand.











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About the author

Tim Wiggins
Published on: 23 Jun 2016

Tim Wiggins is an avid cyclist, involved in all aspects of the sport. Whether it is mountain bike marathons, or 500km road rides... he loves life on two wheels. He is also a keen trail runner in the off-season!