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Born in Australia, the home of swimming, Zoggs is now swimming around the world. Zoggs has a passion for creating innovative, exciting and high quality swimwear, goggles and swim equipment. Zoggs wants all swimmers, whether just starting out; swimming for fitness or recreation; swimming in the great outdoors or in a triathlon, to enjoy the freedom, fun and exhilaration of the water. What matters to Zoggs is that swimmers enjoy life in the fun lane with unconditional trust in their Zoggs goggles, swimwear and equipment.


Zoggs was born in Sydney, Australia in 1992, the result of the inspiring vision of Graham McConnochie and Peter Archer, who had a dream to provide unrivalled swimming goggles for swimmers the world over. 23 years on and the brand has a presence in more than 50 countries worldwide, has sold more than 35 million goggles, over  5 million swimsuits and more than 15 million pieces of equipment & swim caps. Headquartered in Surrey, UK, the Zoggs global team based in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and New Zealand today is more than 150 strong.



The Zoggs philosophy is simple, swimming should be fun for everyone. Whether a young child experiencing their first splash or a seasoned triathlete never tiring of the exhilaration as they cross the line with a PB; Zoggs wants everyone to enjoy Life in the Fun Lane.


Zoggs works tirelessly to innovate and develop new products that help swimmers get the most out of their swim.

“Our job is to help swimmers find the pleasure in pain, the zen in repetition and the joy of the water. Whatever it is that motivates them to keep swimming, we want to help them find it.” says Mark Hammersley, CEO of Zoggs.



Zoggs boasts a history of firsts as it continually pushes the boundaries of swimming product design, applying innovative technology in creative ways to achieve higher performance goggles, longer lasting swimwear and hydrodynamic swim equipment.


Zoggs was the first brand to offer a comprehensive range of Curved Lens Technology (CLT™) goggles, launched the first Bio-Tech™ Wiro-Frame technology with Predator and was the first to introduce Flex-Point technology with its renowned Predator Flex range of goggles – a top favourite with triathletes across the globe. Its latest goggle innovation, Aqua Flex, launching in January 2016, boasts the brand’s clearest vision goggle yet, building on its Flex-Point technology to deliver its most comfortable fit ever, using liquid silicone to create a super soft, ultra flexible seal around the eyes.

With its range of Aqualast swimwear Zoggs was the first and remains the only brand to offer a lifetime guarantee on its 100% chlorine proof swimwear fabric.

Zoggs Predator range

In 2016, Zoggs teams up with Wiggle to develop its Predator range available exclusively at Wiggle. Predator by Zoggs is a range of performance products that are best in their class offering unparalleled quality, style and comfort. Every Predator product is designed to celebrate the exhilaration and freedom of swimming whether indoors or out. Building on the quality, flexibility and reliability of its Predator Flex range of goggles, Zoggs has designed a Predator swimwear range with a price point as attractive as the design of the products themselves.


Rigorously tested by Wigglers, triathletes and endurance swimmers, the Predator range includes four men’s jammers, eight women’s swimsuits, including high neck and leg suits, ‘Triple Black’ Predator Flex goggles and a range of coordinating caps. The range features the brand’s recognisable Flex logo print and is available with striking green or hard hitting red accents to the products.


Team Zoggs

Neil McConnochie

Heading up the Zoggs product development team, and keeping the passion for Zoggs product quality and innovation firmly in the family is Neil McConnochie, son of Zoggs founder, Graham McConnochie.

Based in Hong Kong where Neil runs the Zoggs Design, Development and sourcing operation, Neil is arguably one of the world’s top goggle developers, having been credited with some of the leading  swimming goggle innovations over the past ten years, including the technology behind the Zoggs renowned Predator Flex range. When Neil isn’t busy working on new and exciting goggles, swimwear and equipment to add to the Zoggs range, or following swim discussions on social media.

He is continually in direct contact with Zoggs' customer service teams across the globe gleaning insight and learning directly from customer feedback.

Mark Hammersley

Zoggs’ CEO Mark Hammersley has been the driving force behind the brand’s rise to fame for more than a decade, with an impressive background in sports brands that began in the 80’s, with swimming the focus for over 50% of his time in the sporting goods industry. 

Mark passionately campaigns to increase swimming participation in the UK, and believes that despite being the number 1 sport in the UK, swimming needs to focus on delivering the ‘fun and freedom in swimming’. At the same time the UK government needs to deliver on its commitment to ensuring that all children can swim when they leave primary education.