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Fizik Spine Concept

This year Team Wiggle are lucky enough to be supported with Fizik components on our Felt bikes. These components consist of handlebars, stem, and what I think is most important, a saddle. Fizik are an Italian brand that has been creating and developing products since 1998 and their products are used globally from amateurs right through to professional athletes and teams.

Fizik have devised a clever concept to advise you on what products best suit your body’s flexibility and is called the Spine Concept. The Spine Concept is based on how flexible your spine is to gauge what position you will be riding in and to make you as comfortable as possible when riding in that position on the bike whether it is for an hour or longer durations.

3 levels of spine flexibility

They have 3 different levels of spine flexibility and have cleverly named them after 3 different animals, there is a spine flexibility test that can been seen in the video below:

  • Bull – The Bull is the least flexible spine type (rigid spine).
  • Chameleon – The Chameleon is the middle range spine flexibility
  • Snake – The Snake is for the most flexible spine type

Results of my test

I am considered a Chameleon after completing the spine flexibility test which I was quite surprised about as I thought I would be the Bull due to my bad habit of never stretching. Once you complete the test and know what animal you are Fizik offer a range of products to suit your spine flexibility. There is only one choice of handlebar shape per animal as you would expect and the stem is used for all bar types but there is a nice choice of saddles to suit various budgets.


After choosing my componentry where I opted for the Fizik Arione saddle I then also completed a Retul bike fit to make sure that I was riding in the most efficient and comfortable position. I have been riding on my new bike since March with Fizik components and have never felt so comfortable and powerful on the bike. Obviously the training helps but all Team Wiggle rider have seemed to gone up a level and have been racking up plenty of wins for the first part of the season so let’s hope these successes continue.