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With more people in the UK set to head back to the office in the coming months, we are often being asked what are the 'best cycling bags' to use for the commute. We go over the top features to look out for as we rate and review cycling bags below.

Cycling grew even more in popularity during the last year due to lockdown with people needing to get their exercise fix, both outdoors and on turbo trainers. Many people intend to carry on cycling with their return to work so carrying your essentials needs to be as stress-free as possible.

When it comes to a bag to transport your laptop and a change of clothes you need something lightweight, durable and of course, waterproof because let's face it, even during the summer months there's going to be some rain when you least expect it. We also think it's super important for you to be easily spotted when cycling by cars and pedestrians, so reflective details get the thumbs up from us.

dhb Slice 15L Rucksack

dhb Slice 15L Rucksack, commuter bag, cycle commute, backpack

When cycling with a backpack, you don't want it moving around all over the place with each turn causing friction against your body, you want a bag that stays still. The dhb Slice hugs your body and stays in place with adjustable chest and hip straps. Another top feature is the reflective logo so you can be seen more easily. 

Altura Thunderstorm Hi-Viz Backpack

Altura Thunderstorm Hi-Viz Backpack, commuter, cycle commute

It's bright, it's waterproof, it's roomy - the Altura Thunderstorm Hi-Viz bag ticks a lot of the boxes as the best commuter cycle bag. Allowing you to pack up to 30l of your belongings, the bag also has a separate padded space for your laptop and zipped pockets on the inside so you don't end up rummaging around for something at the bottom. 

Gregory Nano 16 Backpack

Gregory Nano 16 Backpack, commuter, cycle commute  

Wearing a backpack when cycling can often lead to a sweaty back, but the fabric on the Gregory Nano 16 backpack is breathable and the mesh shoulders are supportive and comfortable. There's plenty of pockets and reflective details too - so you can be seen in low light as well as during the day.

Deuter Compact EXP 12 Rucksack

Deuter Compact EXP 12 Rucksack, commuter bag, cycle commute

This is a great multi-functional cycling bag, great for commuting but also for trail rides too. There is a separate section for your hydration system as well as zipped pockets to keep your valuables safe, but our favourite feature has to be the rain cover, which can be pulled over the bag to give you added protection in bad weather. 

Osprey Syncro 20 Rucksack

Osprey Syncro 20 Rucksack

When carrying a bag on your back when cycling, you don't want to be lugging around excess weight and so the Osprey Syncro 20 rucksack is a great option as the bag itself is super lightweight and with this comes breathable material with added ventilation.

Föhn Daypack 30ltr

Föhn Daypack 30ltr, commuter bag, cycle commute

If you're looking for a durable bag that will withstand all that you throw at it, the Föhn Daypack will more than do the job thanks to its tough ripstop material. The bag features chest and hip straps to keep it in one place but also to stabilize and ensure you are bearing the weight of the contents correctly. Padded straps mean you'll be comfortable throughout your ride and it's big enough to carry a coat or pack away your helmet once you've arrived.

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