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For many cyclists, a ride isn't complete without a halfway coffee break and a slice of cake. When riding in new places, it's always great to have coffee stop recommendations from fellow riders. We asked you on social media to shout out your favourite cafe.

Whether you are cycling faraway country lanes or are just a few miles from home, get to know the many cafes that welcome cyclists with open arms. Check out the interactive map below, sharing the Best Cycling Coffee Stops, as tried & tested by fellow Wiggle customers.

Save to your own Google Maps

Log into your Google account on your device & have Google Maps App open in the background. Next, click the 'star' at the top of this map and it will automatically save these locations to your Google Maps App. (You may get an error message from Google saying this feature has been disabled, but it hasn't.) To access the map on your phone, click the 'saved' tab on the app, scroll down and click 'maps'. The Best Cycling Coffee Stops Map will now show here. You're welcome.

Avoid bonking

When out on your next two-wheeled adventure, why not plan one of these bike friendly cycling cafés into your ride? They are approved by the cycling community as a top location for hungry cyclists to refuel with tasty food and drinks plus somewhere you can keep an eye on your pride and joy easily.

Add to the map

Can't see your favourite coffee shop on the map? Let us know your local cycling cafe or cycle hub on the Facebook post below, or email, so we can all experience this fantastic coffee!

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