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Running is a fantastic way to let off steam, keep fit and get those much-needed endorphins. If you're looking forward to spring events, or you're just maintaining your fitness through to warmer weather, there's no need to turn to the treadmill.

Don't let your love for running fade into the night when days are darker and mornings still have that chill. A good running jacket will protect you from the elements so you can enjoy getting out and about whatever the weather.

Do I need a running jacket?

A jacket will help keep you dry when it is raining and warm when it is cold, snowing or windy. It is a great layer to add to your outfit as it is easy to take on and off if needed and is lightweight so doesn't feel heavy when running. They also breathe more easily than regular winter jackets as well as keep you dry and toasty on the inside, compared to other sports layers which can get wet and heavy quickly. 

Should a running jacket be tight or loose-fitting?

Running jackets tend to be a little looser fitting so that you have got room to move with ease and often so you can wear additional layers underneath. It is important to have some room around the shoulders and armpits so your running motion is not restricted. Check our size guides for the best fit and when you receive your order, lift your arms above your head. If it feels a little snug, try the next size up!

Do running jackets have hoods?

Some running jackets have hoods, some don't. Some are detachable and give you the best of both worlds. Whether you go for a hood is completely down to personal preference. Having one may give you extra protection in wet or cold conditions, but some runners prefer not to use a hood as it can get in the way of sight when looking around!

Top running jackets

Best reflective running jacket

Ronhill Life Night Runner Jacket

Ronhill Life Night Runner Jacket

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Not only is this jacket water and wind resistant keeping you dry when the seasons change, but it will also ensure you are seen in the dark. The reflective pattern will glow when caught in the light and for extra visibility, it comes in a luminous yellow colour too. 

Best waterproof running jackets

Gore Wear Women's R7 GTX SD Trail Hd Jacket

Gore Wear Women's R7 GTX SD Trail Hd Jacket


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Gore is a brand know for its incredible quality and products that work whatever the weather. The R7 GTX SD Trail HD Jacket features their 'Gore-Tex' and 'Shakedry' technology so that any moisture will simply run off and not soak through. It is also very breathable so even when you sweat the jacket will ensure you don't overheat or get wet on the inside!

Best all-rounder

OMM Halo Jacket

OMM Halo Jacket

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We love this shell style jacket from OMM because it's lightweight so you can barely notice you are wearing an extra layer when you run. The thumb slots on the sleeves are also a nice touch for keeping your hands warm without having to wear gloves. It's got reflective features for when the light is low and is waterproof (even the seams are taped so no water can seep through). Plus for those days when the sun peaks through the rain, it packs away small and easily. 

Best windproof running jacket

Ronhill Core Running Jacket


Ronhill Core Running Jacket



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Sometimes it's not the rain that gets to you, it's the wind. Luckily the 'Core' by Ronhill is particularly windproof meaning you'll stay warm when it's blowing a gale. For some windproof jackets, this can mean they aren't breathable and so you sweat when wearing them but the Core is well ventilated so your body can breath easy.

Best for cold conditions

Gore Wear R5 Gore-Tex Infinium Insulated Jacket

Gore Wear R5 Gore-Tex Infinium Insulated Jacket

Shop the women's version

If you feel the cold, this could be the layer you need to add to your get-up. The GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ effectively blocks out wind whilst POLARTEC® ALPHA® traps warm air over your body and thumb loops keep everything sealed in! If you're thinking this will be too warm - don't fret, it's breathable and quick-drying so you'll stay comfortable in a range of conditions - so it's a win win in our eyes.


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