Cold hands are a common pain for cyclists in winter, giving more reason to invest in some quality gloves.  

A good pair of cycling gloves will keep chills at bay, but what else can you do to enjoy getting out on the bike during the colder months without suffering from freezing fingertips? 

We’ve got you covered. Here are our top recommendations for this year's winter bike gloves for every kind of cyclist.  


The best gloves to protect against wind

GripGrab Ride Windproof Midseason Glove

First up on our list is by GripGrab, a Danish cycling apparel brand based in Copenhagen. These gloves have a very thoughtful design, taking account of shock absorption from bumps in the road, silicone grip for grip on the bars and even a microfibre thumb to wipe sweat off your face and to touch phone screens. The design deflects wind easily, keeping your hands toasty with reasonable protection from rain.



dhb Aeron Lab All Winter Polartec Glove

This pair are our favourites here at Wiggle. Featuring PolarTec® Alpha® insulation, originally purposed for the US special forces, and Polartec® Power Shield® Pro soft shell for combating moisture and heat loss. This pair will tick most boxes for most cyclists. The cuff is elasticated, preventing heat loss and feature touch screen thumbs to keep you connected. They are light weight, breathable and feature reflective logos helping visibility.

Gore Wear M Windstopper Thermo Gloves

Made of high performance GORE® WINDSTOPPER® material. These gloves guarantee 100% protection from the wind, with the added benefit of waterproofing. This pair are also fleece lined, offering excellent insulation from the cruelest of the cold. The design stands out with two-finger and wrist reflectives, keeping you visible to oncoming traffic. The palm is silicone gripped with padding on the forehand to keep reduce grip fatigue.

The best gloves for rainy days

GripGrab Neoprene Rainy Weather Glove

Another entry for GripGrab, these neoprene gloves keep a snug fit on the hand with strong protection from the rain. The grip is enhanced by silicone and performs in the wettest of weather. The fingertips are touch screen compatible and the design is reflective making them good for commuting. They offer fair insulation and protection from the wind, making these a good all rounder, prepared for whatever the weather throws at them.

dhb Neoprene Cycling Gloves

Another option for all-weather protection are the dhb Neoprene cycling gloves. The material traps warmth and fends off moisture, keeping a close fit to the skin, making for a excellent insulation layer. The cuff is adjustable with a hook and loop feature, making it suitable for slight difference wrist sizes. Unlike the GripGrabs, the palm is reinforced to help with the fatigue from gripping for long, which may appear more to mountain and gravel biking.

Assos GT Rain Cycling Gloves

Designed in Switzerland for heavy precipitation, these gloves handle well as an all year round option. Made of 3L NeoWet textile, hugged close to the skin and tight at the cuff, these gloves hold temperature in the wettest of conditions. Additionally, the palm is covered in griffeGrip tacky silicone which help to add confidence in your grip of the bars.

The best gloves to get you seen in the dark

dhb Flashlight Windproof Cycling Gloves

Now if you're the everyday commuter where you want to be seen, keep your fingers warm and hands firmly on the bars, stop here. These gloves from dhb are great at offering confident grip, thanks to their suede padded palm and the bright green colour and hexagon reflective accents are perfect for keeping you seen in the dark. The thumb and index finger tips are compatible with touchscreens and the cuff has a neoprene fit, preventing draft. As soon as clocks go forward, these will be your best friend.

Gore Wear M Windstopper Thermo Gloves

Another mention for these Gore Wear gloves! If you're looking for a design where you want to be seen but don't want to be seen, these two-finger and wrist reflectives are great in not being too loud. The accented green offers great reflectives to keep you seen without looking like a overprepared goalkeeper. The palm is silicone gripped with padding on the forehand to keep reduce grip fatigue, the material is GORE® WINDSTOPPER®, keeping you're hands toasty at night and the lining is fleece, making them very comfortable.

GripGrab Ride Hi-Vis Windproof Midseason Glove

GripGrab have done a fantastic job with these gloves. Again, a very thoughtful design featuring gel padded palms, silicone grips, touchscreen fingertips are plenty high vis material to shine bright through your riding. The design is fairly water resistant, totally windproof and very breathable, making them a perfect companion to any commuters day bag.

The best gloves for when it gets really cold

Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling Gloves

A more premium offering from Castelli are the Estremo gloves. Designed for as cold as -5 degrees, these gloves are fleece lined and contain Gore WINDSTOPPER® X-Fast fabric, keeping the wind well away. They feature muted brand accents on the wrists with the embossed scorpion logo. Meanwhile, on the palm, printed silicone helps with providing a strong grip. These are water-repellent and have a velcro cuff to keep moisture out. If you want a premium pair of gloves that can take everything the weather throws at them, these are the pair you've been looking for.

Endura MT500 Freezing Point Waterproof Gloves

Endura have done a great job at providing a glove suitable for all biking disciplines. These are waterproof, breathable, grippy, warm and snug, ticking many boxes for a top performing autumn/winter glove. The Primaloft® gold insulation does a fantastic job at keeping your hands oven hot, with a design to last the abuse set by the worst of winters. If you're looking for a quality pair of winter gloves and you want to keep a super strong grip on those handlebars, these are your best bet.

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