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Salomon S-Lab shoe

Salomon’s S-Lab range features products that are ultra-lightweight, exceptionally hard-wearing and jam-packed with technologies. S-Lab is designed to support their Trail Running Pro Team: athletes who are renowned for pushing their limits to absolute extremes. To give you an idea of the level of athlete that this kit is designed to support, it is worth introducing you to Kilian Jornet.

Introducing Kilian Jornet

Kilian is often referred to as one of the finest trail runners in the world. This is rarely (if ever) challenged; this is the man that can run up Kilimanjaro in 5h 23 minutes and who will happily run 15,000 KM each year. Kilian does not settle for second best – ever. He’s a mega force in running circles and massive in Europe but in 2014 his profile in the UK skyrocketed; national newspapers and magazines gave him plenty of much-deserved column inches.

Let’s put it another way: very soon you’ll want to use anything that Kilian does, to try and emulate his success at your own level – if you don’t already!

Try, test and repeat

This video gives a brilliant insight into how much Salomon involves its athletes when developing the S-Lab footwear range, specifically the S-Lab Sense. You’ll be able to see how Kilian’s hands-on role ensures that the shoe reflects his perfectionist nature.

The wider range

Wiggle stocks a wide range of S-Lab clothing, accessories and footwear.

To really drive home the low weight of this range, it’s worth noting that even the S-Lab Sense Shoe is just 220g. That’s a whole heap of technology crammed into something that’s the same weight as just one modest baked potato!

Salomon S-Lab Sense shoe = a baked potatoIf you think that shoes are at the heavier end of the run kit spectrum, that’s pretty incredible.

Words by Suzannah Cranwell

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