Wiggle Commercial Designer Connor Christie is a keen runner so we asked him to put the new Arc’teryx gear to the test.

Arc’teryx are predominantly a trail running brand. They’re based in British Colombia, Canada and the rugged Coast Mountains are right on their doorstep; the perfect testing ground. The emphasis is on high quality kit that works in even the most extreme conditions.

When you want to run year-round and you need to count on your kit to perform, you get what you pay for. The small touches build quality and comfort are second to none.

Whilst not quite as rugged as the mountains of British Colombia, my home trails are in the South Downs National Park in the South of England. The weather can be pretty changeable, so I've had the opportunity to really put the kit to the test.

I've run in high humidity, stifling heat and chilly windy evenings. My new Arc’teryx kit performed flawlessly time and again. Sweat was wicked away from the skin quickly, my body temperature was kept at the perfect level and above all, I did not feel my movement was restricted at any point.

For me, good quality kit allows you a full range of motion; it needs to be non-constricting and comfortable. Arc’teryx delivers.

What I wore

- Snug Fit

- Good design, the finer detail of the material gives it a premium feel

- Breathable

- Comfortable

- Wicks away sweat

- Adjustable comfortable wide waistband

- Back pocket for key/gel storage

- Breathable

- Room to move

- Wicks away sweat


Overall, I am very impressed with the kit, it stands up to weather, heat especially!

I was comfortable throughout, which is very high on my list. I would recommend Arc’teryx to anyone, whether you are running trails or road running. Its quickly become my go-to for hitting the hills around Portsmouth.