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We caught up with Challenge ambassador Courtney Granger to find out how she is staying motivated to carry on training despite the cancellation of some of her target events.

This blog was written on 1st April 2020. At the time of writing, UK citizens have been asked to stay at home, with exceptions for shopping, essential journeys and one form of outdoor exercise per day, in an effort to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As the situation and guidelines may change on a daily basis, we strongly advise that you refer to the NHS guidance, if you are in the UK, for the latest information. 

How have your goals for the year been affected?

Unfortunately, Hanningfield Triathlon has been cancelled for this year and Leeds Triathlon has been postponed. I have not yet heard anything regarding Ride London or Swim Serpentine so fingers crossed. However, with pool closures, it’s a little daunting to be thinking about an outdoor challenge! 

In compliance with current social distancing regulations, I will not be arranging any more Breeze rides until the end of June time which is probably the most upsetting thing for me, as it is so social and I love seeing the progress of all the ladies. 

I'm also disappointed that I won't be completing my Level One Sports Coach course with Her Spirit, but it's something to look forward to in the future. I can't wait to learn the skills I need to help others into triathlon.

I understand why everything had been cancelled and although it's frustrating, my brother and I are seeing it as an extended offseason and getting base miles in. 2020 is an extra training year! 

What about your lifestyle and training?

Being a nurse, work has definitely stepped up. Our ward has recently moved locations and has been split into two. Plus, we are having to learn all sorts of new skills such as applying PPE.

I have been doing some extra shifts these past few weeks so training has definitely taken a massive backseat, so I can deal with what’s happening at work. However extra shifts are helping my new bike fund pot!

I’m going to keep doing what I can do, keeping myself fit with runs and Zwift sessions (my brother is kindly letting me use his Tacx trainer). I'll also be doing home bodyweight workouts and lots of stretching.

I am finding it hard being apart from my boyfriend who was just getting into Parkrun. We're pretending it likes being back at uni with long three-week gaps between visits.

Life has changed a lot but I’m fortunate to have quiet roads around me to train and my brother to lend me equipment. 

How will you stay motivated?

Currently, I’m training towards Ride London, so I’ll keep peddling away to build up my bike fitness. 

Swimming without a pool is slightly harder! At the moment training is my de-stress from work. 

There’s nothing quite like running along a field to clear your head. I’m not really looking at numbers so I'm just enjoying it. What’s also keeping me motivated is I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been and I don't want to lose that. Plus, events will be continuing in 2021 so it’s just more time to train and prepare. 

How do you keep in touch with your training buddies?

The cycling club I’m part of has a fabulous WhatsApp group. We're all sending selfies of our solo run and bike adventures each day and we also post a video each day on Instagram Stories.

It's so motivating to see what we're all up to. We still chat and share pics of our breakfasts - it’s like we are all together.

So if you’re part of a club maybe you could do the same - it’s a lot of fun to keep the community going, albeit in a virtual space.

What's your top advice for keeping active at home?

Zwift is a fab way to ‘ride’ with others and plan rides and meetups together. I'm also part of a virtual run club on Facebook while I can't run with my usual friends. We share pictures and PBs and keep each other motivated.

It’s hard when you haven’t got an event to train for but think of something you’d like to do for 2021. It’ll come round quickly. Just keep your fitness up and use it as a way to stay active.

Find a balance with other things you like to do. I love reading and crafting, so I think I could keep myself well entertained for a while. I've also got coursework and reading to keep myself busy!

Plus, you can use the time to keep stretching and rest up fully.

If I wasn't working, I’d be eyeing up the bike I’m saving up for, and trying to find the perfect bar tape and bottle cages. I mean that could take quite a while. 

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