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February and March are not renowned for their great riding weather. You might get snow, you will probably get rain, and you will most definitely encounter wind... 

But, us 'Wigglers' are a hardy bunch. We have kick-started the year with some great rides, all across the country.

In this blog post, we take a look at some of our favourite road cycling routes. We are challenging you to follow in our tracks!

Ride 1 - Round the Isle of Wight

By Tim Wiggins

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful place to ride a bike, whatever the time of year.

The coastal landscapes and quiet lanes make for both an impressive backdrop, and a peaceful ride. The extensive re-surfacing of the Isle of Wight roads also makes for great road cycling.

This 'Round the Island' route is a slight adaption of the famous 'Randonnee' route. It is challenging ride, especially in the depths of winter.

With near 2000 metres of elevation gain, and exposed sections that are often battered by winter winds, you will want to make sure you are well prepared, kitted-up, and have a good local café to run to. (I recommend the Ventnor Botanic Garden's Café as one great stop-over on this route).


Download the route here

Ride 2 - Surrey Hills Loop

By Kirsty Smith

I always like to take my birthday off, so we took advantage of the quiet mid-week roads, and the sunshine, to visit some Surrey Hills for a birthday ride.

Box Hill on a weekend can be pretty hectic with people, cars AND cyclists, but a mid-week visit was just perfect. In fact, we had the whole ride up Box Hill and Leith Hill to ourselves.

Taking in White Down Lane, Box Hill and Leith Hill, this route is challenging without being off-putting.

I used to be nervous when I saw a lot of climbing in a route, but living in Surrey means the idea of a 'flat' ride doesn't really exist - the only way to get better was for me to confront them. Now I plan routes to take in some of the more challenging ones on purpose.


Ride 3 - The 2017 Women's Tour de Yorkshire route

Starting from the beautiful spa town of Harrogate, this route takes you out into the Yorkshire hills, on the same route followed by the Women's Tour de Yorkshire 2017.

The Coté de Lofthouse climb will have your heart racing, but the views from the top are magical on a clear day. 

If you are riding this route in winter, layer up and prepare for strong winds and even snow.

The Wiggle High5 riders loved this course in 2017, and we are sure you will too.


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