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CNP Peptide

When it comes to supplementing for performance, protein is one area often neglected by endurance athletes in favour of carbohydrate fuel. However, the importance of protein for performance and recovery from sustained endurance effort should not be underestimated.

Understanding your protein requirements

While the protein requirements for an endurance athlete may not be as high as they would be for a strength athlete or bodybuilder, they are still far greater than those of the general population.

Expert nutritionists in the endurance field recommend 1.5-1.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight daily, in order to maintain nitrogen balance (prevent muscle breakdown) when participating in intense endurance exercise. For the average 70kg adult this equates to 105-126g of protein daily, a figure that can be difficult to achieve through foods alone, and therefore a protein shake supplement is recommended. 

 The importance of protein

Developed with world leading nutritionists

CNP Peptide 908g is an advanced protein supplement, developed with world leading nutritionists and protein experts. Each 45g serving of CNP Peptide 908g delivers 30g of protein from milk, whey, egg and peptide bonded glutamine. CNP Peptide has a unique formulation developed to provide very specific levels of the amino acids and protein fractions that the body requires to support optimum muscular recovery and repair.

Due to its advanced specification and performance benefits, CNP Peptide 908g has been the protein choice of champion athletes for over 17 years. Athletes who use Peptide include Team Sky Cycling, One Pro Cycling and British Cycling. 

 The importance of protein