• cycling
    Beginner guide to gravel biking
    19 Apr 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Whether you're going on an all-day off-road adventure or you're planning to take your gravel bike on an epic bike packing tour, we can't think of a more fun way to explore the roads less travelled. Here's our guide to getting started with gravel biking. Why is gravel riding so popular? In recent years gravel riding has exploded in...
  • Want To Increase Your Watts? Try These 4 Exercises
    11 Apr 2022 / Gabriella Burden
    Have you got big ambitions for cycling this year or have plateaued with your riding? Here are 4 exercises to add to your routine to help improve your power and send your watts sky-high. #1 Reverse lunge into knee raise Use dumbbells or your own body weight. Step back into a reverse lunge position, then lift the back leg up to a raised knee...
  • Meet The Team: Spectra Women
    11 Apr 2022 / Gabriella Burden
    If you haven't seen or heard over the last year, Wiggle is the proud sponsor of the up and coming cycling team, Team Spectra . Not only is the team mixed-gendered, but it is also mixed-disciplined meaning there are a whole lotta cycling events to get excited about. We caught up with the women in the team ahead of the 2022 race season to find...
  • Best 5 commuter cycle to work bikes 2022
    25 Mar 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Is it time to replace the car with a greener, healthier way to commute to work? Here's the top city bikes of 2022 that will make your cycle to work the best part of your day. Cycle commuting can help you avoid rising fuel costs, minimize your impact on the environment, get fitter and arrive at work with a clear head. Is it time you gave it a...
  • Cycle
    Cycle to Work Day - why you should cycle to work
    22 Mar 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Are you thinking about cycling to work? Here's why we think this could be the start of a habit of a lifetime. Get everything you need for the commute at Wiggle Boost your health and fitness According to a study published in the British Medical Journal , cycle commuting lowers the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition, you can...
  • The books every active woman needs to read
    01 Mar 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Need a book to lose yourself in as you fly off to your next adventure, a rest-day read or are you simply in search of inspiration? Here are our favourite books that celebrate women in sport. Queens of Pain: Legends and rebels of cycling - Isabel Best Tommy Simpson, Eddy Mercx, Fausto Coppi...these names from years gone by live on in legend for...
  • Cycle
    Three clever ways to make cycling nature breaks easy for women
    28 Feb 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Bib shorts are so comfy on long rides but for women, they can make loo-breaks a little complicated. Here are our three favourite ways to simplify things when nature calls. Disclaimer: If you don't have a vested interest in making cycling pee-stops for women easier, please look away now. Bib shorts and tights are great, aren’t they? If...
  • run
    Training in the winter months; how to stay motivated
    23 Feb 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    During the colder months, it might seem tempting to stay inside by the radiator instead of braving the winter weather! Here are HIGH5’s top tips for keeping up the motivation when winter training. Despite plummeting temperatures and shorter daylight hours, there are numerous benefits of winter training. It gets you ready for early spring...
  • cycling
    Ride like a Flandrien this spring and conquer the everyday ride
    23 Feb 2022
    Whoever sang that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year clearly wasn’t a cyclist. Anyone who rides a bike and follows professional cycling knows that spring is best and that’s thanks to the Spring Classics. For many cycling fans, the love of these races inspires two quite different behaviours: a burst of activity and a bout...
  • Cycle
    What to wear for cycling through winter to spring?
    18 Feb 2022 / Nassrin Chamanian
    Daylight hours are slowly getting longer but the weather can still be unpredictable, with wind, rain and even sometimes snow to contend with. But what is the best cycling kit for the last days of winter? Here's Wiggle Content Manager Nassrin's essential guide to what to wear on a bike ride as we edge towards brighter days. Do cycling...