• Hope Pro hub in purple
    21 Jan 2015 / Tim Wiggins
    The start of a new season, means the start of fresh objectives. For me, a return to XC racing features heavily in my 2015 calendar, and "demanded" a new build for an XC race bike. Having used Hope Technology parts for years, and developed an strong admiration for their quality and durability, it seemed logical to kit up much of my build...
  • image of Team Wiggle rider Andy Shackel
    20 Jan 2015 / Tim Wiggins
    January is a time when we often set ourselves new objectives, plan new seasons and think about new adventures. This January, is a special one for our staff riders and runners in Team Wiggle, as we expand our team of keen and enthusiastic sportspeople, and launch into a new year of exciting events. Here's a blog post to kick things off!
  • image of Tim Wiggins racing for Team Wiggle
    20 Jan 2015 / Naveed Nasir
    Tim Wiggins is a man who wears many hats at Wiggle HQ; he's our community executive, staff reviewer, staff cycle team manager and blogger. We caught up with Tim to ask him about our very own employee race team: Team Wiggle.
  • image of Richard Pearman cycling in Team Wiggle kit
    19 Jan 2015 / Richard Pearman
    Well here we are again – the start of a new year and a fresh set of goals. Now, what the outcome will be on these – who knows, but one thing is for certain where there’s no pain there’s no gain. The Breakdown This year, I have decided to split my season into three mini-seasons: Pre, Mid and End, with the intent of having a...
  • image of Wiggle St Albans store interior
    14 Jan 2015
    Nicholas Manning is a Wiggler who works at our new Wiggle Cycle Advice and Service Centre in St Albans. We think our new store is #goodstuff and Nicholas will be telling you all about it on the Wiggle blog. Cycle Advice and Service Centre So the wait is over and the time has come, the 1st Wiggle Cycle Advice and Service Centre has opened and we...
  • ride london
    image of Nigel and Naomi
    09 Jan 2015
    Nigel Moore and Naomi Riches MBE are two passionate cyclists who will be entering the 2015 Ride London-Surrey 100 on a tandem.
  • Rowan Sorrell at Bike Park Wales
    06 Jan 2015 / Naveed Nasir
    Andy Lloyd is an experienced editorial photographer whose work graces the pages and websites of some of the very best mountain bike publications in the world. Wiggle got in touch with Andy to learn more about the man behind the lens.
  • for-the-good-staff
    Meet Bike Bungee Rider - Joe Stembridge
    09 Dec 2014 / Tim Wiggins
    Have you seen the Wiggle Bike Bungee video? Watch it below if not! We sent four of our staff "testers" to the Alps to endure the ultimate Bike Test! Ride down a ski ramp with a bungee cord attached! In this blog, we catch up with Joe Stembridge, one of our keen testers!
  • image of Wiggler kit bag
    24 Nov 2014
    I always find it quite interesting what people have in their kit bags and after fellow Team Wiggle rider Tim Wiggins shared the contents of his kit bag I thought I would share mine… It is important for me that my kit bag is always organised and prepared because I am always traveling around as I live in South Wales in my home most weekends...
  • for-the-good-staff
    David competing in a IRONMAN
    24 Oct 2014 / David Girones
    David Girones is Wiggle's online marketing manager for Spain and he typifies what being a Wiggler is all about. His passion for sport lies at the heart of everything he does - he's made of #goodstuff