• harry's excellent adventure
    Harry's excellent adventure part 5 - #goodstuff
    09 Sep 2014 / Naveed Nasir
    Harry Watler is an ex Wiggle mechanic who has set off in search of adventure. In part 5 of this blog series, Harry arrives in Berlin to meet up with a friend and absorb the amazing cultural heritage of Germany's capital city.
  • harry's excellent adventure
    Good stuff: Harry's excellent adventure part 4 - #goodstuff
    11 Aug 2014 / Naveed Nasir
    In part 4 of this blog series, we find our intrepid explorer finally arriving in Switzerland and enjoying a well earned break. Harry indulges himself by spending some downtime in a luxury canvas tent and taking stock of his incredible adventure.
  • harry's excellent adventure
    Harry standing by his bike
    30 Jul 2014
    Harry Watler is an ex Wiggle mechanic who has set off in search of adventure in Europe on his bike. In this blog Harry writes about finding the flow with his new adventure lifestyle and also dealing with some pretty horrific weather!
  • for-the-good-staff
    Picture of Richard Pearman in his Team Wiggle kit
    29 Jul 2014 / Richard Pearman
    Richard Pearman is an avid cyclist who has been cycling and racing since he left school. Now in his mid forties, he still has a love, and passion for cycling and being involved in all aspects of training and racing.
  • image of Tim's kit bag
    21 Jul 2014 / Tim Wiggins
    Kit preparation is always a big thing for me; everything from bikes to bottles has to be prepped and ready before a big ride or race, and it pays to be organised. This post features my kit bag before I headed off to a 60 mile summer road race. What bag to choose? Before starting with the kit itself, and what goes inside the bag, it's worth...
  • harry's excellent adventure
    Picture of Harry in a forest
    21 Jul 2014
    Harry Watler is an ex Wiggle mechanic who has set off in search of adventure. In part 2 of this blog series, Harry reflects on some of the challenges of touring on a bike; it's not all glamour and beautiful scenery, but a route to Switzerland seems to get him back on track and focused - check out his travel diary below. Breakfast is served A...
  • harry's excellent adventure
    Harry's excellent adventure part 1 - #goodstuff
    10 Jul 2014 / Naveed Nasir
    In this blog series, Harry will be writing about his incredible European cycle touring trip. Harry will also be road testing some products from Wiggle to see how they fare over months of arduous riding, camping and all round adventure!
  • for-the-good-staff
    Therese pictures of her on holiday and playing with her dog
    10 Jul 2014
    Hi, my name is Therese Allard and I have just started working at Wiggle as a Swedish translator. It is my job to make sure that our Swedish customers receive the best possible service from Wiggle, in their own language.
  • for-the-good-staff
    Chris climbing
    08 Jul 2014
    Hi, my name is Chris Thayanukulvat and I am just coming up to my 1 year anniversary at Wiggle. I work in the Buying and Merchandising Department as a Trade Assistant, and one of my greatest achievements in my first year has been working closely with our suppliers to improve the availability of our products on site. I know how frustrating it can be...
  • for-the-good-staff
    Pictures of Will Hawes
    02 Jul 2014
    Hi, my name is Will and I’ve been at Wiggle for 11 years now, starting when it was a small company delivering excellent customer service and great products with a close knit team from a small warehouse in Farlington.