I’m so excited about riding Prudential Ride London for the first time this weekend! I’ve raced the women’s ‘London Classique’ a few times & have always wanted to take part in the sportive. 100 miles is quite daunting but I’ve been following the Zwift PRL training plan & have found this has really helped me in terms of having structure and specific sessions to complete in the lead-up. Additionally, I’ve been doing more riding out on the road recently, and rode the L’Etape UK sportive in the Chilterns which was also 100 miles and thoroughly enjoyable!

I'm writing this in the final week before the event. This is the time to rest and recover to ensure you are fresh for the big day. There's a fine line between resting up and not detraining for an event like this. I always err on the side of caution and focus on reducing the volume of my training whilst sustaining intensity. I will ride three to four times this week, taking Friday off completely. Then on Saturday, I'll have one last easy spin with some short sprints to wake my legs up. All the hard work is done so now is the time to relax. The most productive use of your time will be to make sure your bike has been serviced and is ready to go. 

In terms of a kit list for the event, this is what I’ll be packing:-

My Wyndy Milla Saw Doctor bike in full working order 
Spare tubes/tyre levers/pump 
Two water bottles 
Energy bars/gels 
My dhb Aeron Speed kit (bib shorts, short-sleeve jersey, and Base Layer) plus my Ultralight Waterproof (to keep warm in the starting pen, and just in case we get weather like last year!)
Helmet, gloves and sunglasses

Make sure you’ve sorted all logistical plans before the event to ensure you don’t have any added stress trying to get to the start or meet friends you are riding with. 

It’s really important to be relaxed going into the event knowing you’ve done all you can with preparation & there’s nothing more to do other than enjoy. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to ride on closed roads in such an iconic city. This year I'll be riding at a steady pace, taking it all in as opposed to trying to smash it in the fastest time that I can.

If you are planning on going out full gas and smashing a PB, I would really recommend starting steadily and then finishing strong! A hundred miles is a long way. You don’t want to get 20 miles in and realise you’ve gone out way too hard, then end up grovelling around the 80 miles you have left! I would also keep this in mind on the hills. At the start of a climb make sure you’ve always got something left in the tank! Use others as motivation to get through the ride & encourage others as you go. Everyone will go through different stages of feeling good or bad. If you are feeling bad make sure you get some fuel & liquid on board. 

Fuelling is especially important at this distance. I always advise people to take on a lot of carbohydrates the night before to ensure your glycogen stores are fully topped up. Additionally, on the morning of the event focus on carbohydrates as your main energy source. I always go for porridge, banana and toast.

Hydrate as much as possible before you start and start the event with two full bottles. Aim to eat something every hour, this could be an energy bar, gel, banana, flapjack - the most important thing is that it's high in carbs and easily digestible. Make sure you have previously tried everything you are thinking of taking on the day of the event. It’s amazing how many people get stomach problems from using new products they’ve never tried previously!

Above all, enjoy it. It’s going to be a fantastic day. If you see me at the event please do say hello. GOOD LUCK!

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Dani Rowe
Published on: 30 Jul 2019

Now that Dani Rowe has now retired from professional cycling, she's filling her calendar with new multi-sport challenges. She'll be keeping us updated throughout 2019 on her progress.