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Gina Ricardo, keen Team Wiggle triathlete based in Sydney, gives us her first impressions on the dhb Blok Tri Suit

In the middle of August (yes, Winter!), we took to the streets of Sydney to test out the new dhb Blok Tri-suits and shoot some photos. It's amazing how sometimes things just work out; we had picked a random day in August a month in advance, and it just happened to be an unseasonably warm winter's day - 20 degrees Celsius - at 6AM in the morning. We really wanted to capture Sydney and test the suit in a variety of conditions, so we started our ride at Tamarama Beach, then went for a run from Mrs Macquarie's Chair to the Rocks and finished with a swim at Bondi Beach.

All on a warm, Sydney winter’s day in August. Here are my first impressions...

The most striking feature of the tri suit that I notice straight away is the beautiful pattern of the dots across the suit. I don't think the studio photos do it justice; this tri suit has some amazing detailing on it that really makes you feel extra special as you pull it on. 

The fit is nice, really comfortable with no irritation caused by seams. The zipper is made with an inner zip guard to avoid chafing which made it unnoticeable. Somehow, the leg length was perfect for me: I'm not a fan of extra-long or particularly short legs on suits or bib shorts, there is definitely a fine line between too short and too long! To finish off the legs, the grippers are made of a thin silicon. They sit around the thighs comfortably. They're not super tight, but at the same time, they don't slip whilst running - so somehow dhb have achieved a perfect equilibrium of tightness to grippy-ness ratio.  

This tri suit is built with sleeves, so it wouldn't look too out of place in a bike race and could almost pass as a cycling skinsuit! But the main difference I notice between this trisuit vs. other trisuits and cycling skinsuits I've worn is in the fabric. The fabric is so incredibly light yet at the same time, is chlorine-resistant and offers 50+ SPF UV protection. It's also made with mesh cooling zones in the back. Point being: built for triathlon racing and to be quick drying. Perfect for our Aussie summer.

The chamois is perfect, with enough padding to take the edge off my TT position but hardly noticeable whilst running. Doing a bit of research shows that it's made by Elastic Interface, who are the industry leaders, and is tri-specific. This is an extremely important feature to me - I wouldn't even touch the best looking Tri-suit in the world if it had an uncomfortable chamois. 

I love the added feature of the pockets. They're minimal so you wouldn't be able to fit a subway in there, but have enough room to fit a gel or two, or a tube on a training ride.

Sizing wise, the size guide on the product page is a good place to start. I am a UK8 in dhb bibshorts and a UK10 in dhb jerseys. I opted for a UK8 and it fit perfectly. Tri-suits are designed to stretch and move with the body; it's more important to fit your legs to the suit (think chamois chafing!) than it is to fit your upper body - in my opinion if you've always got a discrepancy in sizing between your legs and your torso I would always go for the size that fits your legs. 

I'm looking forward to wearing it throughout the upcoming season and can't wait to see more girls rocking the look!

See the dhb Tri Suit range at Wiggle.

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