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Now in its third year, adidas City Runs is an innovative series of closed road running events that take in iconic locations around London.

We had a chat with Wiggle runner Kyle Cuthbertson, who ran the Shoreditch 10K this summer, and asked what makes the City Runs a must-do.

It's all about location

Shoreditch is famous for its diversity and vibrancy. 'Heading towards the race location on race day, we were amazed by all of the street art,' Kyle told us. 

If you're staying over the night before you certainly won't be short on options for your pre-race meal. Shoreditch is home to loads of great restaurants and pubs that have amazing food, as well as lively street food hotspots, so it’s very easy to fuel yourself the day before the race.

'There were also many shops you could stop off at if you wanted to pick up a small pre-race snack,' says Kyle. 'I grabbed a banana and a bottle of water on the way. No matter how far the distance is, it’s always important to be well fuelled.' 


The energy in the starting pens was amped up by loud music and an enthusiastic crowd. 'One of the best parts of any race is the start.' says Kyle. 'The crowds cheering, the music blasting through the speakers and the runners getting into their groove.'

At 3km and 7km runners were treated to a further boost from the adidas DJ van and plenty of locals were out to offer shouts of encouragement and high fives. 

Kyle enjoyed the finishing straight and recalls 'it was brilliant - everyone was very happy and cheerful. Shoreditch 10k lived up to the hype.' 

Try the latest adidas

Arrive early for the opportunity to try the latest adidas running shoes. Expert staff are on hand with samples in all the sizes.

Kyle tried the adidas Pulseboost HD running shoes and was impressed by the comfort and fit. 'Having had the opportunity to wear them, I could be more confident that they would be suitable for the types of running I do.'

Celebrity appearances

Where else can you catch an interview with a world-class athlete in the starting pen? 

This year, runners were treated to a Q&A and some words of motivation from track and field athlete Lynsey Sharp. Previous guests have included swimmer Tom Daley and triathlete Alistair Brownlee.

Awesome t-shirt, medal and photos included

Instead of a fiddly pin-on number, all runners receive a high-quality adidas technical t-shirt with their race number printed on. A great souvenir that can become part of your training wardrobe afterwards.

Then there's the pretty substantial black and orange medal, plus professional race photos that are emailed to every finisher at no extra charge. 

Accessible distance

For most runners, 10K is pretty achievable. With a flat course and closed roads, Shoreditch is a great opportunity for a PB. 

Kyle admitted to us that he hadn't had the time to train as much as he would have liked before the event but still had a great time. 'I was very happy to just enjoy the race atmosphere rather than push for a PB.10k is a very achievable distance and it always feels satisfying to finish. I’ve run a marathon once and it was fun but I prefer the shorter distances.

'Despite my lack of training I was pleased with my finishing time and kept a solid pace throughout the whole run.'

Event village and facilities

If you're the kind of runner who needs several visits to the loo before an event, you'll be pleased that there was way more than the average number of portaloos so the queue was never that long.

A secure bag drop was available so runners weren't weighed down. 

Other highlights included a yoga warm-down area and plenty of backdrops for those important Instagram opportunities.

Discount on local bars and restaurants

As well as being a chunky bit of hardware worthy of any runner's mantlepiece, the medal also unlocked a range of offers and discounts in the area. There were even free beers and burgers up for grabs. Shoreditch seemed to be taken over with runners well after the event was finished, creating a running-party atmosphere like no other. 

An unforgettable day and definitely one for any running bucket list.

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