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Danish company Ceramic Speed claim to have developed the fastest ever chain coating - the UFO Drip. We take a closer look at what makes it different.

Who is Ceramic Speed?

The Danish company Ceramic Speed was originally known for making the highest-quality, fastest bike bearings out there.

Although their products were previously only available for the pro peloton, the company and the products they make have grown massively, along with their reputation for high-performance innovations amongst amateurs and pros alike.  

What's good about the new updated Ceramic Speed UFO Drip?

You may remember that Ceramic Speed released their UFO Drip chain coating a few years ago but never ones to rest on their laurels, the brains at Ceramic Speed have been continually looking for ways to improve the formula for greater performance gains.

The original UFO Drip had over 1,400 hours of lab testing to get it to a point where it was good enough to release and it's taken quite a few more to get it to the point where they were happy to release version two.

Like the original, the updated formula isn't like the lube you might be used to on your bike chain.

Instead of that gloopy oil that's widely used, it's made from a concoction of about 10 different components, blending wax trace oils and friction modifiers so it's much more similar to a wax lube and it's applied in a very similar way.

The formula is a very thin liquid so it gets into all the nooks and crannies in your chain easily, but once it's been applied you get a nice dry finish so your chain doesn't pick up all the road dirt from where you're riding so the chain stays clean for longer (and you don't end up with chain marks on your legs!).

Unlike the old formula which would be too thick to use until it came to room temperature, the new version is ready to use at anywhere from 5 to 35 degrees celsius - great if you need to store it in a shed or garage. 

How do you apply UFO Chain Drip?

If you want to get the best performance and longevity from your drivetrain, you'll need to get your chain as clean and degreased as possible. We recommend you remove the chain completely and degrease as thoroughly as you can, then wait until it's bone dry. You should even do this with a brand new chain to remove any shipping grease.

Once your clean, dry chain is back on your bike, you can apply the UFO drip. Shake the bottle well to ensure the formula is properly mixed, then apply just above the cassette so any excess isn't wasted. It's a good idea to start from a quick link or master pin so you know you've gone the whole way around.

You'll need to do two full coatings on the chain, turning the cranks backwards to distribute for 20 to 30 seconds after you've applied it. 

Once it's on, it needs eight hours to dry so this is something that's best to do at least the day before you intend to ride.

Because the dry finish doesn't pick up road dirt in the same way a traditional lube does, your chain is likely to only need a wipe-down with a cloth when you next need to reapply.

How long does it last?

Ceramic Speed UFO drip is available in a 180ml bottle which might not seem like a lot, but it actually lasts for up to 300km between applications. 

With 35 coatings per bottle, that's more than 10,000kms worth of chain coating. Furthermore, the improved formula costs less to make so Ceramic Speed were able to cut the price by 40% on the original, making it excellent value for money.

How much faster could it make you?

Ceramic Speed claim that the new formula allows the drivetrain to run 15% quicker on a 5-hour test at 250 watts compared to the original one. 

Because they have their own labs, they've been able to test against all the other top performing chain lubes out there and they say that this is actually the fastest chain coating available in the world.

How environmentally friendly is Ceramicspeed UFO Chain Drip?

The new formula is now non-toxic, non-flammable and most importantly it's now biodegradable so you can rest assured that when you use this you'll be doing that tiny bit less damage to the world.


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