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Garmim Forerunner 55 GPS watch

If you’re a runner who’s been admiring sports smartwatches from afar, wondering if they’re right for you, the Garmin Forerunner 55 may have the answer you’ve been looking for.

In recent years, wearable tech has divided into two worlds, one that has taken data and digital training to dizzying depths of detail, and another that hasn’t moved past simply counting steps.

People running with the Garmin Forerunner 55 GPS sportswatch

For regular runners, there hasn’t yet been that Goldilocks smartwatch that gives us the features we need without drowning us down in a tech tsunami.

The Garmin Forerunner 55, however, has been built to fill that gap, helping runners find their rhythm with a perfect balance of digital assistance.

A GPS running smartwatch, it goes beyond the simple pace and heart rate stats found on entry level wearables, offering the personalised guidance and daily suggested workouts usually exclusive to upper tier tech.

It bases its training plans on your training history and fitness level and can advise when to change things up with HIIT and breathwork activities.

A woman running with the Garmin Forerunner 55

And it offers advanced wellness tracking features, such as all-day respiration monitoring and intensity minutes, putting you in tune with your body.

Garmin have put the needs of the regular runner at the centre of their design, ensuring the watch offers a long (very long) battery life – up to two weeks, in fact - and, knowing we’ll probably wear it around the clock, it also offers downloadable watch faces and apps from the Connect IQ™ Store2.

A man running wearing the Garmin Forerunner 55

They’ve also recognised that many runners are active in other sports, with the watch able to track cycling, pool swims, Pilates, HIIT, breathwork, and can even provide accurate data on your virtual runs.

In short, it has everything we need to make us better runners, and that’s all we ever wanted.

Garmin Forerunner 55 features:

  • Easy-to-use running watch monitors heart rate at the wrist (Requires connection to the Garmin Connect™ app and Connect IQ™ app) and uses GPS to track how far, how fast and where you’ve run
  • Take the guesswork out of training with suggested workouts of varying intensities based on your training history, fitness level and recovery time
  • Plan your race day strategy with the PacePro™ feature3, which offers GPS-based pace guidance for a selected course or distance
  • Run your best with helpful training tools, including race time predictions and finish time estimates
  • Track all the ways you move with built-in activity profiles for running, cycling, track run, virtual run, pool swim, Pilates, HIIT, breathwork and more
  • Tune in to your body with advanced wellness features, such as intensity minutes, fitness age, all-day respiration and more
  • Customise your watch with free watch faces, data fields, apps and widgets from the Connect IQ™ Store2
  • Battery life: up to two weeks in smartwatch mode; up to 20 hours in GPS mode

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