First look - Garmin Instinct 2 and Instinct 2 Solar GPS Smart Watch

The rugged new Garmin Instinct® 2 is packed with features that help you to do more of what you love. We take a first look at what's new.

Whatever you do, own it with Instinct® 2.

The Garmin Instinct® series is built for all your outdoor adventures. The rugged build and impressive battery life, boosted by sunlight in the Solar models, makes the Garmin Instinct® a top choice for multi-day expeditions off the beaten track. 

Built in apps cover a range of activities including cycling, running, golf, swimming, climbing and much more so you can see the most relevant stats at the touch of a button. Mountain bikers will love the MTB Dynamics app which tracks specialized Grit™ and Flow™ measurements, giving you a score to beat the next time you encounter that trail. 

Enhanced health monitoring features help you to better understand your fitness and recovery so you can train smarter and do more of what you love. Heart-rate, VO2-Max, respiration tracking, women's health tracking, recovery reports and more mean you have an up-to-the minute picture of all the performance metrics that matter. 

For those who live to explore, the built-in 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter, plus multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) will help you to stay on track, however wild the adventure gets. There's even Tracback® routing which will give you directions back to your starting point.

The Instinct® 2 line-up

With four models to choose from, you'll be able to find a Garmin Instinct® 2 to keep up with all your outdoor expeditions, however extreme.

All models in the Garmin Instinct® 2 series are engineered for endurance. Water-rated for up to 100 meters with thermal and shock resistance, the Instinct® 2 is protected by a fiber-reinforced polymer case with chemically strengthened scratch-resistant glass so it will withstand the harshest of environments. 

The key differences between the Instinct® 2 and Instinct® 2S are the size and the battery life.

The Instinct® 2 has a generous 1.27" display and can run for up to 28 days in smartwatch mode or up to 30 hours in GPS mode. 

The Instinct® 2S, meanwhile, has a slightly smaller 1.12" display making it more suitable for smaller wrists. The Instinct® 2S can keep going for up to 21 days in smartwatch mode or up to 22 hours in GPS mode.

For real off-the-grid adventures, the Instinct® 2 and 2S are also available with a Power Glass™ lens which boosts battery life significantly. In smartwatch mode, solar charging means you get unlimited battery life from the Instinct® 2 Solar and up to an impressive 48 hours in GPS mode. Meanwhile, the Instinct® 2S Solar can run for up to 51 days in smartwatch mode or 28 hours in GPS mode with solar charging.

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