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The key to success at the OMM is planning. The organisers provide an official kit list - make sure you have the essentials well in advance. 

We asked Wiggle runner and OMM veteran Will Pakes-Geddes to share his pearls of wisdom on what else you need to consider.

Pack light

Think minimal kit. It’s only one night and creature comforts can be left at home. Try to work through the simple essentials: clothes, cooking/eating and personal hygiene.

Organise your kit

Pack your rucksack with the tent and sleeping bag at the bottom. Ensure you know what’s in each section – you could even label the pockets. Protect your clothes and sleeping bag in dry bags.

Practice pitching your tent

Can you get the tent up and down when it’s raining and windy? Practice makes perfect!

Learn to layer

Keeping warm is better in my book than being cold and having no extra clothes to put on. Learn the layering systems that work for you and what’s needed to keep you happy-ish when its wet, cold and windy.

Brush up on those map reading skills

It is of course an Orienteering Event. Learn to orient the map to North. Use your compass and sight lines to work out exactly where you are. Learn the legend - can you spot hills, cliffs and bogs?


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Published on: 03 Oct 2018

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