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I’ve had a great start of season, despite the disappointment of being disqualified in a race early on in the season.

I’ve fought on, and in May managed to secure 2nd place in a circuit race at Thruxton Motor circuit, earning me enough British Cycling points to move up and into 3rd category racing. Testament that hard work pays off, and with the right attitude, you can achieve your ambitions. 

The Giro Delle Dolomiti 2015

For the rest of the season my goals now change, after having success in some circuit races and achieving one of my season goals, I’m now tailoring my training to a different focus. The Giro Delle Dolomiti 2015.

After being invited to take part in a 7 day sportive event in the dolomites of Italy, I’ve switched my training from short high intensity work, to longer days in the saddle with as many hills as I can find. In the hope that this change in training will allow me to complete the event alongside 4 other colleagues at Wiggle.

The event takes part in the exhilarating area of the Italian Dolomites, the tirol region. Its 7 days long in total. 3 days riding, 1 rest day, and then another 3 days riding. Covering 662km distance, and 10,921m of climbing, also taking on the legendary Stelvio pass. Its certainly no mean feat, but a challenge I’m looking forward to.

Some of the other guys will be competing on each stage, but for myself, the challenge is just to complete the event.

I’ll be doing some longer races, around 70-100km in early July, and also generally spending more time on the bike, riding hills, trying to replicate some of the stages and back to back days that happen at the actual event as best as possible. I’ll be consistently covering between 7-10 hours of riding each week, around 250km, and as much climbing as I can fit in.

Through my general training, I’m looking at imitating the race itself by riding 3 days, resting 1, and then riding a further 3, to try and get my body used to the race format. Training has been going alright recently, I’ve been pushing myself to try and complete some milestones which will give me both the physical and mental edges when it comes to the event.

Training regime

Training has well and truly begun

  • Ride over 200km (This is a big mental barrier to break, and hard physically too)
  • Ride 100miles on back to back days (This will stand me in good stead)
  • Ride consistently over 7-10 hours each week.

The kit list

Training isn’t the only the change I’m taking before the event. Im also taking some specific kit to help me feel comfortable on the bike on these long back to back days. Here is a list of some of the kit I’m choosing to bring with me. 

Straight out of the Sportful R&D department, the Sportful R & D Ultra Light Jersey has been developed in the same region I’ll be riding in, it's super lightweight (Only 99g), breathable and has a UPF10 rating, giving the rider protection for up to 90% of damaging UV rays. 

Some new white shoes from Bont. The Bont A2 Cycle Road Shoe are great for me, super stiff, great fit for my feet, and look great with any kit.

skratch labs Exercise Hydration Mix 454g to keep he hydrated on the long rides. Great tasting flavours.

A Tiger Tail The Classic (18 inch) to iron out those mussels after each day.

Some other pieces I’m hoping to take with me:

Lightweight Mavic Ksyrium Elite S Alloy Clincher Wheelset to make those hills easier.

On top of a compact chainset, a large ratio cassette.

Some new glasses from Oakley. The Oakley Radar EV Uranium Prizm Road, ideal for strong sunny conditions, protecting my eyes from the sun, bugs and flies, and also strong winds.

Stay tuned for some more blogs from me on travelling abroad!

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Published on: 30 Jun 2015

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