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Sunrise is at 04:51 on the 24th June. At 05:00, the climbing begins. 8,848 metres of vertical elevation, on one climb. Team Wiggle's Tim Wiggins is 'Everesting'.


An 'Everesting'

The concept behind an 'Everesting' is simple: you ride repeats of one climb, until your cumulative elevation gain surpasses the height of Everest (8,848 metres above sea level).

If your climb was Mont Ventoux, that would be six times up the mountain. Tim Wiggins is attempting his 'Everesting' on St. Boniface Down Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight; it will require 38 repetitions from sea level to the radar mast at the top.

Tim estimates that it will take around 14 hours or riding time, 16 hours of elapsed time.




For a good cause - raising money for the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

Tim has called his challenge the #EquinoxEveresting - it actually sits centrally between the two equinoxes of the year, close to the summer solstice; but the idea of equality of opportunity lies at the heart of the challenge.

Tim is raising sponsorship for the Ellen MacArthur Children's Cancer Trust. The Trust is an Isle of Wight based national charity, which supports and empowers young people aged between 8 to 24 in recovery from cancer, through the power of sailing. Trust sailing trips provide children with the opportunity to try something new and exciting, with others who have experienced a similar distressing journey. The activities help to rebuild self-confidence, which is vital to their long-term recovery.

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The ultimate climbers' kit test

Tim is a frequent user of the #insearchofup hashtag, but this latest challenge makes the search for the lightest and fastest kit all the more justified.

For the #EquinoxEveresting, Tim has selected kit from a number of Wiggle's top partner brands.


The Bike - Neil Pryde Bikes Bura SL with Mavic Wheels

The Neil Pryde Bura SL is the superlight chassis at the heart of Tim's climbing build.

Kitted up with componentry from fi'zi:k, Campagnolo and Rotor, as well as a set of superlight Mavic R SYS SLR wheels; it is a climber's dream bike.


The Kit - Mavic and GripGrab

The clothing that Tim has selected for the challenge comes from endurance and climbing specialists Mavic, as well as gloves and headwear from Danish brand GripGrab.

Mavic Everesting Kit

It is set to be a mammoth day in the saddle for the Team Wiggle rider; from sunrise to sunset - hunting vertical.


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