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As winter sets in, conditions change. The temperature drops, days get shorter and terrain throws up new challenges. Motivation can dip, too.

adidas Running products ­– including the new Winterized Pulseboost HD – is the go-to kit for cold-weather protection and warmth. And adidas has another trick up its sleeve to keep your winter training on track.

Layer up, from head to toe

The weather isn’t always predictable. And the temperature can vary depending on the time of day. An early run can start in the bitter cold, but as the sun comes up, the temperature rises.

Layering running kit is the optimum choice. A couple of layers can trap pockets of heat and will keep you warmer than one layer, but it’s vital to pick the right layers. Base layers and compression tops in technical fabrics draw sweat away from your body, regulating your temperature for a more comfortable training session. And an outer layer, like the adidas ZNE jacket, adds water-repellent protection and warmth. So you’re ready for anything. Day after day.

adidas Climawarm Running apparel is designed to fit this brief. With breathable insulation to wick moisture away, it’s constructed to keep your body warm and dry. But it’s not just about technical fabrics for your body. adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized features ballistic base mesh that not only protects your feet but keeps them warmer too.

Find your motivation

It can be tough to drag yourself out of a warm bed on a cold morning - or to get out after work when it’s already dark. So finding your personal motivation is key.

Try running with a friend, enter a local event to keep you focused, set yourself a new goal. Maybe even treat yourself to some new winter gear, like adidas Run Gloves, made from insulating fleece fabric with a breathable construction and reflective detailing, or a Climawarm Beanie.

It might be that technology can spur you on. adidas Running by Runtastic is an app with features designed to get you running, whatever the weather. Join challenges to stay motivated. Reach your goals one step at a time. Be part of a global community.

Prepare for unpredictability underfoot

Winter brings rain, ice and snow. The terrain you normally run on can become unfamiliar, not to mention unsafe. Having the confidence to run through winter is all down to getting your footwear right.

With adidas Winterized Pulseboost HD you’re good to go. Built with a durable rubberized guard to protect your feet, a longer tongue construction for all-weathers and an adaptive traction outsole for superior grip, it’s also equipped with Boost HD for endless energy with additional stability.

So, whether your running takes you through an urban landscape or off-road, gear up with adidas Running apparel and Winterized Pulseboost HD. Because when winter does its worst, you don’t want anything to get in your way.

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