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Hi, my name is Dean Maskell and I’ve been at Wiggle since 2007 (over 7 years). My current job title is Head of Online Marketing, which means I am responsible for getting visitors to the website and for ensuring a rich shopping experience on site.

Naturally, being responsible for website traffic has meant I have strong connections with Google, and have even met their owners Larry & Sergey - below is a picture of a robot at Google’s Global HQ in Silicon Valley, US.

Even Googlers are into cycling!

Dean's trip to Google HQ

Working at Wiggle

I will always remember my first day at Wiggle. The Optima warehouse was only a third full, just a big space. And practically the whole non-operational team (marketing, finance, buyers) fitted on c. 10 desks. I was given a flat pack from which to build my desk and chair, then had to find a PC. Finally, the lady from HR showed me around Wiggle told me, “This company is going nowhere”. Well she was so wrong!

Picture below of front page of Portsmouth Newspaper Feb 2012, Wiggle Business of the Year.

Wiggle awards make front page of local press

In terms of cycling, I didn’t have a car, so took advantegous of the cycle-to-work scheme and bought a Focus Erogoride, which I still ride to this day.  I really need an upgrade, but quite fond of this bike,

Dean's Focus road bike

My favourite two teams, Wiggle Honda Womens Cycling and Portsmouth Football Club.

 Wiggle Honda and Portsmouth Football club

To my shame, I only really got into cycling in 2013. The catalyst for my passion for cycling was two-fold. A combination of the launch of the Wiggle Honda professional womens team, which was inspiring and having a taster track cycling session at Calshot Velodrome. In 2013, I attend two sportives, but I am keen to do much, much more.

Thanks for reading!