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Naveed cycling pictures

Hello, my name is Naveed and I'm the Site Content Manager at Wiggle. I've worked at Wiggle for 5 years now and what a ride it has been so far - twists, turns, berms and some serious gnar gnar with the occasional huck to flat!

I have no idea where to start, so let me begin with the sound of a tyre crushing dirt - this is my favourite sound in the whole wide world. One of my earliest mountain bike memories was riding my beaten up Claude Butler on a massive mound of dirt and rubble in Galway, Ireland where I grew up. It was a construction site and the ground was all dug up waiting to be roosted! I spent many a day riding around this construction site with my friends, making jumps, and carving out short downhill runs. It was so much fun, and this was before suspension came along too!

Then one day my life changed; I watched a mountain bike downhill race on Eurosport and was bitten by the race bug.  I think the first racer I fell for was an American called John Tomac. This chap was like superman; he dominated both XC racing and downhill; unheard of!! He also had the coolest yellow Giant full suspension bike decked out with a Tioga disc drive rear wheel and Magura brakes - infatuation central!

I have given my life to mountain biking and in return it has given me a crippling bank balance, a bad back, a ton of suspension forks, a love of rear wheel axle standards and some amazing experiences, friendships and adventures - mountain biking makes you feel alive (often through physical pain).

What I love about being the Site Content Manager at Wiggle is that I get to share my passion through the written word. I did my degree in psychology so I enjoy the challenges of communicating information to a diverse audience, whether it's for a bike guide or a racing blog, to me writing is no different than speaking to a friend and building a bridge.

Naveed with Dan Atherton


Share the Good Stuff

One thing that really makes me smile about my time here is that I've got to interview nearly all of my mountain bike heroes - woop woop! I've had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Peat who is basically 'GOD', Hans Rey, the Athertons, Ryan Leech - how cool is that?

I've also had a blast interviewing tons of cool photographers as part of our 'Behind the lens series'. There are so many elements that go into making mountain biking the amazing sport that it is; it's not just about a bike and trails, it's also about how people document the sport through images and video - these people are worth shouting about as much as the riders!

I'm also super proud of our Wiggle guides site - when you love cycling as much as we do, you naturally want to share it. I remember once having a KFC Oreo Krushem, it was delightful and I told all my friends about it and wanted to share it with people; our guides platform is really no different. We've got a fabulous team of cyclists, runners and triathletes who know their stuff and help us make fantastic insightful content that is designed to help and empower you the customer.

Wiggle is also a really understanding place when you get injured mountain biking, here's my injury list so far since I've been working here:

  • Brake lever impaled in inner thigh (nearly checked out)
  • Two broken elbows (360 action)
  • Torn lower back muscle (not my fault)
  • Scraped my shin while falling off a vertical chute (gravity fail)
  • Smashed pelvis  (manual fail)
  • Sliced finger on a rotor during tyre change (repair fail)