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Hi, I’m Richard Pearman and I’ve been at Wiggle for 7 years now working in the content team throughout this time. I love what I do as I get to see many great products before they are launched and also to test many too – which is super fun to do, and to meet new people due to supplier contact.

My work involves displaying accurate and as much information as possible to help customers make a decision in regards product knowledge and whether to buy that product or not. I strive to do this everyday so I guess this is my biggest working achievement, which is always ongoing.

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For me working at Wiggle is a dream come true as cycling is my passion. I live, breath cycling everyday and being employed by a company that feels the same as you is extremely rare.

As well as working for Wiggle, I’m also representing Wiggle by riding for Team Wiggle. Me and the other guys race regularly and get stuck in as much as possible – half the time I’m on the receiving end mind you but on the odd occasion I’m dishing it out (pain to others that is).Meet Richard

Apart from the working side of things, I’m also an active member of staff as regards organising cycling events which other staff members may enjoy. I usually organise track sessions at our local Velodrome (Calshot), trips to cycling events (London Nocturne), and other cycling related rides etc. I do this because my love of the sport and want to share with others what this sport has to offer.

My biggest sporting achievements this year is to keep up with the other younger riders. Been hard work, but the training I put in over the Winter months has paid off, so I’m pretty chuffed to date.

Meet Richard

Well that’s me in a nutshell really. Cycling mad and work for a cycling mad company and have a cycling mad partner also who loves competing in her local events riding for Team Wiggle also.

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Richard Pearman
Published on: 29 Jul 2014

Richard Pearman is an avid cyclist who has been cycling and racing since he left school. Now in his mid forties, he still has a love, and passion for cycling and being involved in all aspects of training, racing (for Team Wiggle).