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Therese pictures of her on holiday and playing with her dog

Hi, my name is Therese Allard and I have just started working at Wiggle as a Swedish translator. It is my job to make sure that our Swedish customers receive the best possible service from Wiggle, in their own language.

When you go online to to take part of our latest offers, or need to contact us for whatever reason, I will be there to offer all the information you need – in Swedish. That’s what I call good customer service!

Since the Swedish website is a fairly new addition to the wiggle family I (and my colleague Nils) get the privilege to “set the tone” so to speak and every day I feel like I make a difference for people. Not only for the customers who appreciate the opportunity to shop at, but also for the company itself. This feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself truly is an amazing feeling and I can honestly say that every day it is fun to go to work (even though I can’t complain about the weekends off either...).

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As you may already have figured out, I come from this little country in the north called Sweden. Now, we don’t have polar bears running around in the streets, but what we do have is amazing nature and wildlife. An abundance of fresh water lakes, rivers, hills, mountains, forests and a long stretched coast line makes it the ideal country for almost any type of sports activity. I myself enjoy a little bit of hiking now and then. There’s nothing like going for a long hike in the middle of nowhere and just listen to the sound of birds singing or cows mooing at you at a distance. I would never ever bring earphones with me while hiking, because I like living in the moment and wouldn’t want to miss anything.  Sometimes, even the sound of silence is nice.

But, before I started working here at Wiggle I wasn’t what people would call a “sporty person”. I did my weekly running of about 10 kilometres and entered a few races, but that was it. Oh, and since I got my dog Moltas last year, there’s been a lot of walking of course (but, he’s a Leonberger so he’s lazier than I am unfortunately...).  Now I see myself surrounded by runners and cyclists and I’m more motivated than ever to really get out there and become that sporty person I guess everyone always dreams of becoming. There truly isn’t a better place to be then, than here at Wiggle, where all the knowledge and top class equipment you need is just a stone’s throw away from your desk! Who knows? Maybe you’ll see me pedalling down the streets or running the trails in the near future.