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image of Greg posing with his road bike

Words by Gregory Rochford

A huge challenge on the horizon

The Celtman event is on the horizon and the nerves are setting in and all I can think about is all the sessions I missed for one reason or another!

It's too late to worry now. I'm on the final taper, just one more swim session and then it's off to Torridon for 3 days of fun and one day of hell!

During the last few weeks I have really ramped up my fundraising activity for a small charity called DanceAid. I set a target of £1000 but was finding it hard to inspire people to donate so I came up with another idea. I challenged people to sponsor me for my own personal fancy dress mini triathlon the next day. 1 meter in the freezing cold loch for each £10 sponsored, after £500 I would cycle 1 km for every £50 raised over that target dressed as Borat in his Mankini, to get to £750 I then agreed to run 1km for every £100 raised around the small village dress as Braveheart. Finally and possibly worst of all to get to the £1000 target I agreed that if I crossed that line I would undergo a full body wax! 

Fundraising for DanceAid - #goodstuff

So far I have raised over £1500!!! Either my friends are incredibly selfless, or most likely they are bunch of masocistic arses!

So it looks like I'll be swimming a very cold 100 meters, cycling 10km looking like a complete prat and running 2.5 km being chased by the locals, all after just having completed the 156 event the day before!

DanceAid support kids near where I live that are looking after their terminally ill parents as well as kids abroad living through AIDS and poverty. I'm so glad to have helped in my little way!

If you would like to help DanceAid and Gregg, visit his fundraising page.

Greg is supporting DanceAid

Wiggle Wishlist gear is performing admirably

The  helped me set a PB bike split at the GB Age group trials at St Neots. I added an extra 4 kmp/h over 23km!

The Rudy Project Airstorm, whilst not as sleek as I was hoping, sits nicely and weighs very little helping my concentrate on the road and not the lump sitting on my head!

I have fallen in love with my . They too were responsible for my best bike time ever and have also seen me smash my way into numerous top ten segments on Strava!

The  is excellent at keeping the wet out, however disappointingly, the sleeves are very short and it's not as aero as I was hoping. I have no doubt though that at Celtman it will keep the rain at bay for as long as I need it to.

When I throw on my  I feel like a pro! Which is great because it gives me bags of confidence hitting the hard miles. I will find out in a week just how well they stand up to the rigours of the Highlands but I've got high hopes.

Additionally, I have purchased some new  which have given me much more kudos in the pool, great fit and very little steaming up especially when outside. I have also got some  on the commands of my swim coach which have really helped even out my stroke and strengthen my shoulders.

The last thing I needed for the race was a quality pair of off road trainers and last week I picked up my . You don't notice them on the flats but as soon as you head up hill it's like you have got Velcro on your feet! Amazing!

My next race is for DanceAid again at the London Triathlon where I will be racing against 6 of my colleagues at Turn IT On! in the team relay. 

Gregory Rochford training hard for DanceAid