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In December, we ran a competition to win a £500 voucher towards your dream Wiggle Wishlist! All you had to do was create a wishlist, then share it with us on social media using the hashtag #wigglewishlist. Greg Rochford was our extremely lucky winner! In this excellent blog, Greg explains the motivations behind his Wiggle wishlist.

The power of sport

Two and a half years ago, when I decided to shed some weight and get a bit healthier, I had no idea how much sport and fitness would take over my life.

After only 6 months of running, I completed my first marathon. Soon after, I decided that whilst running was fun, there had to more to exercise than just running in circles, and in November last year I purchased my first road bike, with a view to tackling triathlons.

Bring on the Norseman challenge

A chance YouTube viewing of the extreme ultra triathlon called Norseman, set in the fjords and mountains of Norway, had me hooked. I vowed to complete the event just as soon as I could enter.

A great year of training and racing ensued, then in October this year I applied to race the Norseman. With only 250 places available and over 2500 applicants, chances are always slim and unfortunately this year I didn't make the cut. Not to be deterred though, I entered the two Xtri sister races: Swissman and Celtman, and was lucky enough to secure one of the 175 places in Celtman! Celtman is a serious race, composed of a 3.8km jellyfish infested sea swim, 202km cycle and a 42km run over two munros.

After the initial excitement had worn off and fear of the distances had subsided, I suddenly realised that my entry level equipment I had purchased for my first season was just not going to cut it...

Having had excellent service from Wiggle getting my first cycle shoes - the dhb T1.0, as well as a Garmin  Cadence Sensor and my most important and cherished bit of kit, my Zone 3 Aspire Wetsuit, I knew where I would be stocking up to help me through Celtman.

Gregg's Wiggle wishlist is #goodstuff

Unfortunately though, triathlons are neither cheap to enter, nor equip yourself for. So, the plan was to create a wishlist I could gradually check off and direct people to, if anyone wanted to buy me Christmas or birthday presents.

It was hard to decide what to put in there as of course; there are things you need, things you want and things that don't really fit into either category and are simply there as sky high dreams. The list had to cover all the bases, be relatively affordable and most importantly, practical.

Now with £500 to spend I am actually able to not only get the things I need, but actually push the boat out and maybe get some of those dream items! So my top five purchases will be...

  • New Wheels. I'm led to believe by people far more knowledgeable than me, that the single most important upgrade is your wheels. With that in mind I've opted for the Campagnolo Scirocco 35 Clinchers.
  • Waterproof Jacket. You cannot compete in Celtman without a quality waterproof jacket. If they suspect yours isn't completely waterproof they hose you down to check it! My budget Sports Direct wind breaker isn't going to cut it so after extensive research I have opted for the Altura Vapour (in Black of course!)
  • A New Helmet. My first helmet from Halfords essentially makes me look like Toad from Mario Kart! So for the sake of vanity I'm getting a new helmet! All the reviews point to the Kask 50NTA for sleek looks!
  • New Shoes. Whilst I love my dhb T1.0's, they are not going to provide the support I need to cover 202km so I have opted for the Shimano R008, partly because l like the way they look, but also because I can interchange cleats for Spin classes.

I will be raising money throughout the year for the excellent DanceAid. A charity supported by one of my support crew for many years and one I am proud to help any way I can.

words by Greg Rochford