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They're famous for their motorcycle helmets. Now HJC brings their expertise to cycling helmets with the Atara, Valeco, Furion 2.0 and Ibex 2.0. Here's the in-depth review from Wiggle videographer James.

The HJC road helmet range

HJC atara helmet, HJC cycling helmetHJC Atara Helmet

The ATARA benefits from all of the technical development of HJC’s high-end models such as the IBEX 2.0 and Furion 2.0. Aerodynamic and comfortable, the ATARA is your perfect entry into the world of HJC, an everyday helmet with a perfect fit. It is light in weight, easy to adjust to your head size and makes no compromise on security.


HJC valeco helmet, HJC cycling helmetHJC Valeco Helmet

The VALECO is a modern, aerodynamic and perfectly ventilated helmet, weighing only about 30 grams more than its bigger sibling, HJC’s Ibex. The helmet’s 12 ventilation holes will keep your head cool in any situation, from the spring classics to the hot climbs in the Alps during the summer season.


HJC furion helmet, HJC cycling helmetHJC Furion 2.0 Helmet

The Furion 2.0 is considered an uncompromising design masterpiece as it combines remarkable aerodynamics and efficient ventilation. Thanks to HJC’s experience in MotoGP racing helmet conception, the FURION‘s aerodynamic, innovative, and simple design increases its performance and airflow for optimal air penetration and improved air cooling capabilities.


HJC ibex helmet, HJC cycling helmetHJC Ibex 2.0 Helmet

The IBEX 2.0 road helmet is an ultra-lightweight and comfortable helmet designed to provide optimal ventilation. Its unique shape improves aerodynamics and allows it to evacuate heat more quickly.



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