Radical change often comes about in trying to solve a simple problem.

The original goal of HOKA ONE ONE founders Nico and Jean-Luc was to improve endurance race times by designing a shoe to go downhill faster. In doing so, they inadvertently reinvented the running shoe.

It’s on the rugged trails of the French Alps they call home where they had the idea for what would eventually become HOKA ONE ONE. Initially, they started making shoes for themselves. But soon word got out, and more and more people wanted what they had.

Influenced by gravity sports, they wanted to bring the adrenaline feeling of those activities to trail running. They recognised that running is a series of starts and stops, which isn’t so great for the legs. They decided running would be better if it had momentum, like mountain biking.

There were plenty of running shoes out there, but nothing like what they had in mind. Their idea was to add cushion, a wider sole, use lightweight materials and put a rocker in the midsole. These innovations would make running smoother.

Never satisfied, they continued carving foam, shaping foam, glueing foam, and running on that foam. What they discovered was a solution to a universal running problem – maintaining momentum from stride-to-stride. What works on the world’s most punishing trails also helps any runner, on any surface, at any pace.

Designing and testing, designing and testing, over and over, HOKA is constantly tinkering in the pursuit of better running, for a sensation that feels more like flying.

Whether it’s for running on the world’s most punishing trails, the road, the track or simply around the neighbourhood, HOKA strives to make running easier.

If there’s an improvement in running to be made, HOKA will make it so runners can keep the momentum going from mile-to-mile, day after day.