When you order a bike from us here at Wiggle, our expert team of bike mechanics make sure it is all put together and built to your size requirements. That being said, in order for us to ship it to you there is still a little bit of assembly required when you receive your brand new bike. So we made this little video to help get you over the finish line!

Step 1

Open your box and remove the bike

Step 2

Remove all the packaging

Step 3

Unpack the accessories. You should find an owners manual, multi-tool, pedal spanner and pedals 

Step 4

Use the multi-tool to fit the handlebars. You'll need to work in a criss-cross pattern to tighten the screws so they're nice and even. At this stage check that the handlebars are alligned.

Step 5

Use the pedal spanner to fit the pedals. The left and right pedal will be clearly marked.

Step 6

Check the seat height. This should have been set for you according to the information you gave us but you might find you need to make minor adjustments. With your heel on the pedal, your leg should be straight. With the ball of your foot on the pedal, your leg should be bent.

Step 7

Now get out and enjoy the ride!


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Published on: 24 Aug 2018

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