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What makes great cycling kit? Who better to ask than five-time Olympic gold medalist and Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins.

Le Col founder and ex-pro cyclist Yanto Barker and Brad discuss all the essential things to look out for. 

Bradley Wiggins // The Perfect Cycling Jersey

If you look good, you feel good. Your jersey is probably the most noticeable piece of your outfit so make sure you get it right.

From locked-down zips to retro styling, Brad and Yanto discuss what they look for in a cycling jersey.

Bradley Wiggins // The Perfect Cycling Shorts

Doing some serious 'chamois-time?' Rubbing seams and the wrong pad can ruin a ride and even put you off getting back on the bike for a while.

Brad and Yanto discuss why you should be investing in the right pair of shorts for your riding. 

Bradley Wiggins // The Perfect Cycling Base Layer 

The base-layer is perhaps the most under-estimated cycling garment but this humble vest can help you to avoid chills and stay warm and dry. 

Brad and Yanto talk about how the Le Col base layer was created to fit seamlessly with the rest of your perfect outfit.

Bradley Wiggins // The Perfect Cycling Shoes

Boas, laces? What cycling shoes do you prefer? Brad and Yanto share their thoughts on the latest footwear.

Bradley Wiggins // The Perfect Cycling Helmet

The ubiquitous lid. A cycling essential but there's more to bike helmets than simply protection. Brad and Yanto discuss the differences between the best helmets for sprints, climbing and watt-saving. 


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