This Christmas fill your loved ones’ stockings with thoughtful gifts that will help them to achieve their New Year goals. Here’s our favorite little somethings for the swimmer in your life, all under £15 and guaranteed to surprise and delight. 

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles Clear Lens

If you’re not familiar with the wonderful world of swimming goggles, you will be amazed at the variety available. The Kayenne is a good bet for the swimmer in your life. 

They’re designed for optimum 180-degree visibility thanks to the oversized lenses, made from ultra-durable Plexisol®. The anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating mean your beloved swimmer will be able to see what’s going on and they’ll also benefit from the 100% UVA protection if they swim outdoors.  

Another reason the Kayenne is a great stocking filler for your favorite swimmer is that they’ve been created to fit most face shapes perfectly. The one-touch Quick-Fit Buckle™ makes adjusting the fit simple and the silicone strap will sit securely on the head.   

Arena Classic Silicone Swim Cap 

Not the most glamorous thing to find in your Christmas stocking, we know.  

However, if you know somebody who’s more at home in the water than on the land, we’re pretty sure they’ll appreciate it.  

If they’re a regular at the local pool, they’ll be grateful for a little defense for their hair against chlorine damage. If they prefer outdoor swimming, a nice bright cap will help keep them visible.  

Then there’s the performance gains – it might not be much but a ponytail dragging through the water will weigh them down. Plus, all that hair floating about is just a distraction.  

Speedo Tech Paddle

If you know a swimmer who is looking to up their game in 2019, surprise them with a pair of Tech Paddles.  

They’re a great way to improve stroke technique. Hands are held in a flat position, so your swimmer can learn and get used to the perfect position to enter the water.  

Contact with the water is optimised thanks to the hydrodynamic design and there’s flow holes that improve the feel of the water.  

The Tech Paddles also create water resistance, making it harder for your beloved swimmer to pull through the water. They’ll thank you when they notice improvements to chest, back, shoulder and arm muscles.  

Maru Pull Buoy

Another thoughtful gift that will help the swimmer in your life to smash their 2019 goals is the Maru Pull Buoy.  

It works by increasing resistance and reducing kick propulsion so it enables swimmers to concentrate on their stroke technique.  

The colourful design will brighten up many pool sessions. It’s constructed from a lightweight, non-chafing foam for lasting comfort and buoyancy throughout long sessions in the pool. 

Speedo Equipment Mesh Bag

If your favorite swimmer is still using the same bag they’ve had for years, it might be starting to get a bit stinky.  

The Speedo bag is a best-seller because it’s a simple, lightweight solution for carrying swimming gear. The mesh design means air can flow round damp kit so no more musty smells.  

This smart little bag can be packed down to a small size but actually has a 35 litre capacity so there’s plenty of room for accessories as well as kit. The only question is which of the gorgeous colours will your swimmer prefer? 

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