How will you stay fit in 2021 so you're ready for those big events when they finally start up again?

With gyms closed again in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wiggle customers have been finding new ways to train so that whenever it's safe enough for the 2021 season to begin they'll be prepared to race for those personal bests. 

If you're missing the gym, here's some inspiration from our social community.

Get outside

"Starting road cycling for fitness back in March and got the bug. With the gyms shut yet again, I've had to adapt to training outside in cold Weather and now I've passed that barrier I am coping fine without a gym tbh. " 

Lee Davies

"5k run...Stop every 500 meters and do 20 press-ups, 20 star jumps and 20 squats. Feels good."

Dean Bradley

"The pools are closed so it's the sea for me."

Beth Scholes

"Outdoor road cycling, haven’t been in a gym for years. Go out midday so that the frost has gone and just stay local and take it easy."

Heidi Jarvis

"Running and cycling outdoors; working through some 30-day challenges. Managed to buy some weights online to be able to do some S&C work."

Tim Burnett

"Get out and ride - this was on a rather chilly 35 miles on the road bike, -5°c average"

Darren Dixon

"Go for a walk it's not hard no special apps required."

Elaine Blane

"Never could see the point in running inside or riding a stationary bike. If I want to swim I go in the sea or river. I lift enough weights at work. Though each to their own form of torture. Gyms are the Devils House!!!"

Ben Wright

A scarf or a buff (or a mask!) over your mouth really helps if you hate breathing in the cold air. A good walk is just as good for your health as a run. If you have limited space to exercise at home, stand in place to do squats. If there's enough room to lie on the floor crunches, planks and press-ups are great. You can do it."

Deborah Kilpatrick 

"Who needs resistance training when you can tow your dog up the Welsh hills."

Sarah-Kay Purdon

Go virtual

"Training without a gym has been the perfect opportunity to get creative with my workouts. Bodyweight, pilates-inspired training from home.  Online classes help me to stay motivated, engaged and inspired. Also walking! Anywhere and everywhere, enjoying nature, podcasts, music and phone chats with friends." 

Move with Grace

"  So much better than purely on demand. Live classes.  Engaging instructors.  The personal touch. Love them and MyZone has kept me motivated to gain my points each month and maintain my status." 

Rachel Hughes

"Completed a virtual Everesting in the ‘shed’ - 8.5times. Up Alpe D’Zwift, 7000 calories burnt, 8848m climbed over 132 miles, 12hrs."

Allen Lewis

"Kettlebell sessions on zoom are the new norm for me. And the kettlebell group chat on WhatsApp to keep spirits up and socialise from your living room."

Louise Asquith

"Turbo trainer and RGT which even has a free membership - which I started on, but then went premium for £6.99 a month"

Dan Batute

"If you want to train but you've got kids at home, get them involved."

Ben Canton

"There are stacks of free online exercise routines which do not need any expense or equipment. I recommend Joe Wicks - loads of routines to chose from."

Lisa Hall

"Yes! Les Mills on Demand and running outdoors six times a week. Saving a blummin’ fortune!" 

Rebecca Gardiner

"Swapped gym for Zwift - the smartest move I ever made"

Dave Halford

Create your own private gym

"Garage has been dojo for a while, but yeah, the punched in the face feeling is missing." 

Lindsay Ross

"In addition to running and cycling, I set up a gym outside... It's chilly at the moment though! I miss Martial Arts though- all I wanted for Christmas was for someone to punch me in the face!"

Phil Wilson

"It’s back to the ‘Suffershed’ on the turbo, a local run or walk or online fitness and Pilates classes for me and my wife Kathy."

Kevin Moore

"I did up my garage a few years ago and gave up the gym membership and invested in getting what I needed, from weights to a spin bike and a WiFi setup for online workouts. It’s ace." 

Lorn Pearson

"Took the decision to invest in myself and take my prep indoors for my first triathlon."

Mikey Banks

"I miss lifting weights. But I get by with bodyweight exercises and a TRX sling. But I'll be back at the gym the day it opens."

Klaus Kokholm Petersen

"I cancelled my gym contract and bought myself a treadmill. Miss the swimming pool, but that is it. I also train at home now"

Cordelia Moller

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